Photos & Review: Fuzz, Acid Baby Jesus, Las Ardillas, Hellshovel, Los Vigilantes @ The Stork Club, 3/27/13

Las Ardillas, from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sponsored by PBR now in 24oz. alcoholic size, sold out of pink vinyl before I could reach for the cash. Twitchy, spitty, garage greatness. Ladies and Gentlemen: SXSW sweethearts Hellshovel with members from Berlin and a brand new record on Slovenly. Dark psychedelic magic: Acid Baby Jesus from Athens, Greece. Bone necklace not for sale. These guys teamed up with Hellshovel to create the mysterious Voyager 8. This record also on Slovenly. Los Vigilantes seem to be everywhere you find Las Ardillas. They also hail from San Juan, Puerto Rico. It seemed the [...]

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