Noise Pop 2020: Helado Negro at Great American Music Hall

Helado Negro (photo: Ria Burman) Mid-week through Noise Pop 2020 brought the peak of electronic, chill-folk in the form of musician-mixer, Helado Negro at Great American Music Hall. With the auditorium jam-packed with a sweaty, collective groove-smile, Helado Negro performed a sold-out show with beats and strums, creating a dopamine nest for one of the best feel-good-inducing Noise Pop sets. Sweet support was given by Meernaa, Tre Burt, and Anjelica Garcia. Read Michelle Kicherer's full review here!

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Noise Pop 2020: Helado Negro, Angelica Garcia, Meerna and Tré Burt mesmerize the crowd

On the third night of Noise Pop 2020 at Great American Music Hall, Meerna opened the night with a room-silencing cover of Joan Baez’s “Silver Dagger” and set the stage for what would be a lovely and soulful performance. Never have I seen an audience so silent, so willfully watching the first opening act. Meerna frontwoman Carly Bond, who typically plays with a full band, braved the stage solo and confessed, “Guys, I’m scared,” then tuning her guitar added in a drawn out voice, “Soooo scared,” to audience chuckles. After busting out an old favorite, “Good Luck,” Bond tuned her [...]

New free concert series to bring Helado Negro, Giraffage to SF

If you're a local, we're willing to bet you've seen the Golden Gate Bridge, you've seen Alcatraz, and you've seen the Full House house. But have you seen McLaren Park? The second-largest park in the city, McLaren Park often gets overshadowed by its big sister Golden Gate Park. But it's a favorite of the surrounding Excelsior district, boasting scenic wetland habitats, running trails, and a historic amphitheater named after one of the neighborhood's most famous former residents: Jerry Garcia. Now, a new tradition is taking root there: Noise Pop's Due South series. Starting Saturday August 24, Noise Pop will host [...]

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