Video: Hectorine’s “Your Severed Hand”

A year after the release of Hectorine’s debut, self-titled album, on April 7 the San Francisco space folk group released the music video for the album's closing track, “Your Severed Hand." Fans of the seventies-inspired folk are likely to enjoy the seventies-style video, which features such high-tech features as soft lighting, trippy fades and double exposures bringing you from one white-suited Sarah Gagnan to the other. In a time where it feels like dreams are all we have, as the song says, this is exactly the type of sweet reverie we’d like to fall into. Channel it, girl.

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December Playlist: Best of the Bay 2019

December is here and that can mean only one thing: lists. Gift shopping lists. Baking lists. Best-of-the-Year lists. You name it, it probably exists in bulleted form for the season. Chalk it up to our collective desire to make order out of a messy world. We know there are a ton of choices when it comes to your yearly music digests from top national music critics. This list is emphatically not that. Instead, we at The Bay Bridged figured we'd assemble our local favorites. The ones that made us bounce across the dance floor, cry, and feel alive. This collection of 25 [...]

Not of the Zeitgeist: Hectorine’s debut folk album

(photo: Emily Dulla) Words by Michelle Kicherer I’ve had lots of conversations over the years in the anguished I-was-born-in-the-wrong-decade vein. We’ve sat there daydreaming about what it must have felt like to sit in a dim bar while Jefferson Airplane performed flute-kissed lullabies; we’d watch with glistening eyes as Christine McVie played her first solo album; as Nico performed some of her less depressing hits. And I mention these musicians specifically because they’re the type of vibe that our newly-discovered Hectorine brings to the table, and we’re pleased she’s of our time. Hectorine, known off-stage as Sarah Gagnon, takes influences [...]

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