Heavyweight Dub Champion and Sly & Robbie – June 18th

If you know of Sly & Robbie (and god help me if you don't), without ever hearing Heavyweight Dub Champion, you'd probably assume that based on their name they'd be a perfect match to tour together.  While it is true they are a perfect match, it isn't immediately apparent when HDC drops the beat.  They're more of an odd couple - HDC playing Oscar their party-rockin', loose and layered style and Sly & Robbie as Felix with their we've-been-playing-for-years-and-have-a-super-tight-sound, consummate professional and always classic riddim onslaught. For their homecoming show, HDC featured the backbone of the group, Grant Chambers (aka Resurrector), [...]

Show Preview: Heavyweight Dub Champion @ the Independent, Thurs Jun 18

Coming to the Bay Area by way of Colorado, Heavyweight Dub Champion is not a sound, is not a band, and is definitely not a mere collection of human beings making inspiring music.  While HDC ecompasses all of these things, it is a mantra. The mantra is simple: make public the paintings, poetry, music, and other artistic incarnations of the human and spiritual response to the disintegration of truth and spiritual awareness in a world gone mad. Heavyweight Dub Champion - "Dawn" These are, no doubt, some lofty goals, but with a supporting cast including KRS-One and A.P.O.S.T.L.E., [...]

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