Fast Times! goes ahead online with Lalin, Healing Potpourri

Forgive us, but the last time we told you anything about Fast Times! was eight months ago. Since then, Andrew St. James and crew have been chugging along, simply transposing their concert series — which kicked off in late 2019 at the Chapel — online. And while we haven't had the time or staff to be able to highlight all of Fast Times!' excellent events recently, I thought I'd shout this one out because this lineup boasts a number of our faves: Sandy's, Healing Potpourri, Lalin, and of course Andrew St. James. This is their 2nd installment in a monthly [...]

Healing Potpourri releases new songs off upcoming ‘Blanket of Calm’

Healing Potpourri has again offered us a lesson in tranquility with the release of three songs from their album Blanket of Calm, due to be released on June 12. These three songs, "Blanket of Calm," "Think About Us," and "Laney" craft a mood uncommon in today's music community. They're intentionally easy on the ears, yet impressively nuanced and dynamic — creating a strange union between a dentist's office and a kaleidoscopic acid party on Haight Street circa '72. The lyrics speak of good days within more good days — they're vignettes of a young aspiring monk strolling through community college [...]

May Day! Bandcamp takes no cut 5/1

Somehow the weeks have flown by and it’s almost May. Not to put words in Bandcamp’s mouth, but what I can only assume is in honor of May Day, the music streaming service is waiving their fees on the 1st of May. Now is a solidly wonderful time to buy music — digitally or records!? — because 100% of that hard-earned dinero will go straight to the artists. What about a pre-order of one of the Bay Area’s finest, Healing Potpourri? Excuse me? That baseline and those vocals? Get out of my car and into my life, or however that [...]

Spirital Cramp and Healing Potpourri raise money for Casa de las Madres in December

Join Virginia Beach's Turnover, as well as local bands Spiritual Cramp and Healing Potpourri at San Francisco's August Hall to raise money for La Casa de las Madres. Casa de las Madres — if you don't know — is a Mission-based organization that provices services for victims of domestic violence. The first of its kind in California, Casa de las Madres has been helping end the scourge of domestic violence and abuse in San Francisco through shelter services and public education programs for over 40 years. So come out to August Hall in a few weeks, support your local music [...]

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