Harkenbacks, The Get Down Boys, Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman, Outbound at Cafe du Nord, 1/15/13

The Harkenbacks - "The Mongrel" SF's Bluegrass and Old Time music festival will host The Harkenbacks' CD release party at Cafe du Nord this coming Tuesday, January 15th. The Get Down Boys headline, with two other acts (Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman and Outbound) rounding out what should be a heaping helping of rowdy roots music. A local supergroup of sorts, The Harks boast twin lead vocals from Cory Dodson, who has appeared with numerous Bay Area country-fried bands, and Ray Wilcox, gunslinger and music impresario extraordinaire. Paul McElwee on fiddle and mandolin, and Jeremy Steinmeier on upright bass, round [...]

Two-for-One Review & Photos: Mist and Mast, Fine Steps @ Make-Out Room; Bootcuts, Harkenbacks @ Plough and Stars, 1/6/12

Mist and Mast - "Getting Out Soon" The Make Out Room sits in the center of a hot scene - Cafe's Lolo and Revolution and a mini-park across the street and all - and yet it operates in relative quiet and on its own terms. One such example - the happy hour show. For whatever reasons, the management often splits the evening between live music early and DJ sets later- the music afficionado's penchant to still be napping or eating before 9:30 be damned. And so, with two bands I very much wanted to hear at the Plough and Stars [...]

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