Half Stack’s Pete Kegler talks ‘Wings of Love,’ quarantine music and country roots

Photo by James Juarez Cowboys have long sat at the center of the mythos of colonized America, serving simultaneously as a relic of the past and a potent symbol of self-reliance. In a chaotic time, it would seem that the collective consciousness has also sought refuge in the dusty past. Even five years ago, the general wisdom was that cowboys were a conservative symbol. But in recent years those judgements have softened, and with them the animosity towards country music. I spoke with Pete Kegler, the lead singer of Oakland’s Half Stack, who agrees that country music is [...]

Aw Hell, Half Stack’s new EP is here

Howdy partners. We’re delighted to announce that Half Stack just released Aw Hell, their latest EP, and hell is it a delighter. They’ve kept their classic Americana style and grown with some surprising and refreshing twists here and there. It’s a sweet and sad collection of country rock meets psych rock and even some poppy touches here and there. Tunes like “Goner” have guitar solos and steels that we’re digging on. “Know You Well” is doing some new things we’ve not heard yet. The swaying pop-touched melody and catchy hooks are paired with the sweet vocals of a sweet lady. [...]

Video Premiere: Half Stack clock out in “Quitting Time”

Twang-seeking Oakland rockers Half Stack took their time to channel the rugged spirit of classic country music into a crooning album titled Quitting Time, released by label Processional Cross last year. Since then, they've been working on a new full-length record and have played a considerable amount of local shows, including a spot on the recent Noise Pop festival. The trifecta of guitarists, lazily shuffling beats, and wholesome vocals recall the comforting tunes of the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Grateful Dead, performed with the intimate authenticity of sheer adoration. Luckily, we're honored to present a new music video for the [...]

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Best Of 2018: Jordan’s 10 best releases to help navigate the current dystopia

Whether it's the environment, the country, or society in general, this year we've reached peak points in dystopian fear and despair. It seems that moments of peace, clarity and sincere self care in the modern era can only be found with our eyes closed, door shut and music blaring. Here are some of the things that I heard this year that blocked out the noise of the end of the world for a while: Blood Orange, Negro Swan A cathartic journey into identity and depression, this record glows throughout tracks of R&B, hip-hop, alt-pop, and ambient soul, showcasing Dev Hynes' [...]

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Live This Month: October 2018 — an audio guide to upcoming Bay Area concerts

Download: Live This Month: October 2018 (Podcast #433) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a month off, Live This Month is back with a mix full of tunes that will make you want to see some concerts! This month's mix is bookended by post-punk, with the lean and atmospheric EXEK starting things off, and Wax Chattels' raw and noisy sounds wrapping the episode up. In between, we've got a wealth of new music, including recent and new-to-us songs from locals [...]

Half Stack just want to play music they really, truly like a lot

(photo: Julie Juarez) Country-fried Oakland rockers Half Stack have have been busy, opening a sold-out Noise Pop show in February, playing all over the Bay and, most recently, touring to SXSW, where they played three showcases as part of the festival. Still to come in 2018 is their new album, titled Days on the Green, which finds their style of laid-back, outlaw-meets-pop-country more expansive and inviting. Guitarist and singer Peter Kegler's enthusiasm for the organic nature that this recording came about mirrors a spirited energy that the group was able to sincerely capture. “I just want to play music that [...]

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