Halcyonaire shares ‘Vol. 1’ ahead of show at Brick and Mortar tonight

Oakland trio Halcyonaire has one of the more distinctive sounds around the Bay, combining lead singer Chris Damien's unique voice with a wide-open, western sound. As they prepare to release new material, they've just shared an interesting EP/single, Vol. 1. They shared two versions of two songs, "Sonneteer" and "Weeping Canopy", each recorded at different locations and stages of their career. The first version of "Sonneteer" was recorded at Tiny Telephone, and features a continuous, upbeat rockabilly rhythm driving the song, while the second version recorded at Different Fur slows up the tempo, adds some horns, and expands some of [...]

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Mixtape: San Francisco Twang — Sampling Local Americana, Country, and Bluegrass Bands

The Brothers Comatose (photo: Zack Sumner) http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/SF_Twang_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: San Francisco Twang -- Sampling Americana, Country and Bluegrass Bands (Podcast #384) The San Francisco Bay Area's love for Americana, country and bluegrass music manifests most visibly during the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival, which draws 750,000+ people to Golden Gate Park annually, but there are great twangy sounds coming out of the Bay all year round. Venues like The Plough & Stars, The Lucky Horseshoe, Amnesia, and Armando's in Martinez, as well as Twang Sundays at Thee Parkside, are a fertile incubator for local roots acts. Plenty of them, like The [...]

Video Premiere: Go on an Oakland adventure with Halcyonaire

Oakland trio Halcyonaire immediately caught our ear with their western-influenced soundscapes and lead singer Christopher Damien's distinct, haunting vocals. Earlier this summer, Halcyonaire released an EP, World Afire, and we're more than pleased to share with you their visuals for the EP's title track. They've got secret tunnels, a jam in a van, bass playing in an Asian grocer, flaming shoes (the track IS "World Afire", after all), and a Bart ride complete with a dance crew, (which was unplanned, according to Damien). Driving it all is that wonderful (and somewhat appropriate) train-track rhythm. Watch the Danger Charles-directed Oakland adventure [...]

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Premiere: Halcyonaire – “Star Eyes”

On their Southwest tour earlier this year, between stops in Phoenix and Three Points, Arizona, Halcyonaire ventured into the Anza-Borrego Desert to collect field recordings for the first ever SOUNDINGS session. Developed by the band, Chris Damien, Brandt Burgess, Geoff Saba, Joel Davidson -- four artists interested in the connection between musicians and their environments -- SOUNDINGS are multi-media productions that include not only musicians, but also filmmakers, photographers and other artists looking to explore and document the mutually beneficial relationship between song and place. Setting the blueprint for SOUNDINGS expeditions, Halcyonaire traveled to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in the great [...]

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Halcyonaire and Union Pacific head to Thee Parkside

Oakland's Halcyonaire is headlining Thee Parkside tomorrow, June 14, marking their first Bay Area show since they kicked off their  Southwest tour in April. While on the road, the band made pitstops in the desert landscapes between San Diego and Phoenix to collected field recordings that they've since taken into their Fruitvale studio. Chris Damien, Geoff Saba and company have been busy turning those sound bites into new songs, and while they've yet to release any material since the three-song vignette Urban Arson --which we premiered on the Bay Bridged a couple of months back -- you can watch the five-piece outfit unfold their [...]

Premiere/Interview: Halcyonaire – ‘Urban Arson’

With roots in the suburbs of San Diego, a production space in Fruitvale, and homes across Oakland and San Francisco, Halcyonaire weaves a sound they call "California country & soul." Tying Americana twang, dusty desert flavors, and atmospheric production together with experimental threads, the band uses its spaghetti western tunes to capture human experiences very much rooted in modern times. Having spent his formative years playing punk and thrash in Escondido, frontman and vocalist Chris Damien followed his natural inclination to evolve as a songwriter. "I was getting really influenced by a lot of country music and folk music that I'd inherited," [...]

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Halcyonaire – "Young Penitents / The Healer"

Oakland's Halcyonaire recently released "Young Penitents" and "The Healer", their first release after being reunited about a year. Three members of Halcyonaire got their start making hardcore music in suburban San Diego before singer Chris Damien began to realize the hardcore scene wasn't the best avenue to tell the stories he wanted to tell. "I inherited a bunch of country records from an extended great grandmother of mine...from Oklahoma", Damien explains. "I found Hank Williams in the stack and a bunch of other powerful singers, beautiful storytellers. I started picking and singing like they did and my friends joined me." [...]

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