Of Bands and Baseball: Bay Area bands talk local teams (Oakland edition)

The Bay Area sometimes seems an odd place for baseball to have taken root. (Hear me out.) While I'm by no means an authority on the subject (my first and last brush with baseball came at age 8, when I took a softball to the face during community league practice), I think I know why San Francisco strikes some as a strange baseball town: More than most other major-league sports in America, baseball conjures up some serious nostalgia: Creaky municipal stadium seats. Playing catch in the backyard. The Sandlot, “Casey at the Bat,” the long summer evenings of your adolescence. [...]

Get to Know: Hafner

San Francisco's Hafner is an all-too rare combination of musicians who not only like to play music hella loud, they also are baseball fanatics. They take their name from Travis Hafner, who they say "is still an all-star in our minds and his fervent thighs will be forever commemorated by our band." They also play in the Pacific Coast Hardball League for the Daly City Brians and are big time A's fans, (despite living in San Francisco - you should ask them why if you see them), and even have a couple of songs on their album named after ballplayers. [...]

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