Guided by Voices returns to the Great American Music Hall

Guided By Voices' frontman Robert Pollard is caught standing still during the bands' 2016 performance at The Independent in San Francisco. Guided By Voices, one of the most prolific garage-rock acts in the history of DIY rock and roll returns to the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco tomorrow, November 10, 2018. Frontman Robert Pollard and company are continuing their trek across the country in support of the March 2018 release of the band's 25th full length album Space Gun. Check out the music video for the album's title track below: Space Gun saw Pollard returning to the [...]

Review + Photos: Guided by Voices played to fans at Bimbo’s 365

Guided By Voices (photo: SarahJayn Kemp) “We cannot fucking believe we are opening up for GBV.” said Zach of Rogue Wave. There was a breathlessness in his voice that made it seem as if in saying this, the air had been swept from his lungs. “I can honestly say,” he continued, “if It weren’t for GBV, I wouldn’t be in a band today!”  It must be taxing to play with your heroes. Despite their lead singer’s exhaustion via adulation, Rogue Wave played an enjoyable set. Their music was bright and poppy, but not inconsequential. There was nothing too heavy, too [...]

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Guided By Voices pack The Independent for 50+ song performance

Guided By Voices (photo: Joshua Huver) Guided By Voices put on the most punk rock, balls-to-the-wall and loudest show I can ever remember hearing, and the youngest guy in the band is almost 33. I understood there was an expectation that surrounded this band: Don’t expect much more than loud, fast, emotionally-charged garage music. But dammit if that’s not exactly what the second consecutive sold out crowd at The Independent got last Tuesday night, August 23. Robert Pollard recognized the devotion of the crowd while sharing a bottle with the band: “I love San Francisco,” said Pollard. “Who else would sell out [...]

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Guided By Voices to headline two nights at The Independent (starting tonight!)

Guided By Voices, one of Robert Pollard's high-voltage, raw rock and roll projects with widespread critical and commercial success, will be headlining two nights at The Independent on Monday and Tuesday, August 22 and 23. Joining Pollard and company will be longtime friend and multifaceted musical partner Doug Gillard. Gillard was in the band in the '90s and early 2000s before he was tapped as the fourth permanent member of alternative indie rock group Nada Surf. Guided By Voices is currently recording a new album — the group's 23rd. They are supported both nights by Broncho, an avant-garde punk rock project [...]

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Don’t Stop Now: Guided by Voices celebrates 20 years of ‘Bee Thousand’ at the Regency

MBL don't surf.  But if catching a wave is anything like catching a band in its prime, I have been blessed with Guided by Voices.  They are the only band that matters.  Birthed in 1983, they took off in 1992 with Propeller.  There are 21+ records (not including solo and side projects).  Who else can say that?  With a catalog this vast, you never really know what to expect at a show.  The cooler of Miller Light, of course.  A huge bottle of Cuervo Gold passed around the audience (at least to those with proper ID).  High kicks, check.  Yet it did [...]

Guided by Voices releases video for “Bad Love Is Easy to Do” before Regency show

Despite the fact that they've released six albums in four years and are currently on tour, Guided by Voices don't really seem to be slowing down. The hyperproductive post-everything legends released Cool Planet last month, and have now dropped the video for the first single off the album, "Bad Love Is Easy to Do". The exceptionally prolific group's newest album is 18 songs strong, and was recorded at a studio in Robert Pollard's native Ohio among an array of vintage instrumental equipment, which allowed them to give Cool Planet a bit of nostalgic character. Next, they're now taking the album on the road across the United [...]

Review & Photos: Guided by Voices, Girls, Ty Segall among many highlights at FYF Fest @ Los Angeles State Historic Park, 9/3/11

Photos by Tod Seelie The Northern Californian antipathy toward Southern California (and concurrent Southern Californian indifference toward us Northerners) is as cliche as it is preposterous, though, as a NorCal native, I am genetically-bound to resist traveling to Los Angeles unless only the most tempting or compulsory of events beckons. Last weekend's FYF Fest, with its stacked lineup promising a smorgasbord of indie rock, punk, and electronic acts, was too compelling to pass up, and, thankfully, it did not disappoint. The central hook for the FYF trek was a chance to see Guided by Voices, who I'd never seen before, [...]

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