Davis IL releases “Queenie Pie”

There sure are a lot of naked ladies in San Francisco lore. There's Sally Rand, who scandalized the 1939 world's fair (and made 859 O'Farrell — aka Great American Music Hall — a favorite night spot). There's....uh...lady on top of the Union Square tower? That's kind of all I can think of. ...Other than, of couse, Carol Doda, topless queen of North Beach. Davis IL (of Growwler) has released a tribute to Carol, called "Queenie Pie." TAke a listen here. https://www.youtube.com/embed/KZwm1WFGHOA

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Nick’s five favorite Bay Area releases of 2015

Ever since I started writing for The Bay Bridged I have become hopelessly insulated from the larger national music trends. Lately, all my music recommendations to friends and family have consisted almost exclusively of local acts, and ever since I stopped working at a record store I no longer have any idea of what constitutes mainstream tastes. And I don't think I'm missing much. I haven't cared about Adele since she butchered a Bond theme, Jamie XX is about as emotionally engaging as a Christopher Nolan flick, and Grimes sounds like a parody of modern pop, like music you would [...]

Mixtape: 2015 Highlights from San Francisco Bay Area Indie Music

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/2015_Highlights_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: 2015 Highlights from San Francisco Bay Area Indie Music (Podcast #377) At The Bay Bridged, we always bristle a little at the prospect of attempting to sum up a full year of the local independent music scene in a single retrospective podcast mixtape. Such a challenge is especially difficult in a place like the Bay Area, where year in, year out, a wide variety of talented local musicians release compelling and impressive albums, a great many of which gain acclaim well beyond the Bay's borders. Instead of trying to identify some objective list of the "ten best" [...]

Growwler releases new Halloween-themed single

Growwler has a spine-chilling new single out just in time for Halloween. Titled "Dawn of the Red" and conceived as a tribute to "slasher cinema," the thumping bass line certainly sounds like a heartbeat racing as an axe-wielding maniac closes in on the group of sex-crazed teenagers partying at the haunted summer camp. The axe wielded in this tune is equally effective in quickening the pulse with its sharp, staccato rhythm, backed by a charging drumbeat and eerie backing vocals. In addition to their love of horror flicks, the band also composed the tune for the Ninkasi Brewing Company's new [...]

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Growwler to begin October residency at Amnesia

Growwler is gearing up for their October residency at Amnesia that starts later this week. Sorry, not residency — it's a "dead-sidency." The month-long Halloween celebration is sure to be full of costumes, candy, ghoulish themes, creepy covers and a steady diet of solid bands to accompany the headliners. Thursday's kickoff is impressive enough, featuring both garage rockers The She's and psychedelic grunge outfit French Girls. The hosts will be releasing a new Halloween-inspired single to commemorate the four-week fright fest soon. You can come dressed for the occasion or you can come dressed for work, but it's clear you [...]

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Rin Tin Tiger and Owl Paws team up for double album release show

San Francisco bands Rin Tin Tiger and Owl Paws have teamed up to do a "double album release show" at The Independent this week.  Rin Tin Tiger is celebrating their latest release, Burial Grounds, with Owl Paws putting out their first full length, Reservoir. The groups will be supported by fellow SF band Growwler. Headliner Rin Tin Tiger is solid and reliable, with thick guitars, a penetratingly strong lead singer, and just a full rockin' sound. They make for an energetic show! Then there's Owl Paws, who make muscular folk rock. Their tough, workmanlike rhythm section provides a well-built groove structure for the [...]

Interview: Thriving on change with the eccentric sound of Growwler

I expected more than three people when Growwler took the stage at the Night Light in Oakland a few Sundays ago. Their new LP Even Tenor, after all, sounds like an army of talented musicians and producers descended upon the project to create a refreshingly rich and unique soundscape, incorporating everything from psychedelic head trips to bluesy rockers to folk-tinged melodies and countless sub-genres in between. It’s a big, ambitious album in an age when most indie bands are scaling back due to either financial limitations or purposeful creative choice. “We got to play with the Red Beans and Rice horn section [...]

Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Golden Void, Growwler, and more

Golden Void To enter for a chance to win tickets to any show below, email contest@thebaybridged.com with the name of the band and the date of the show you’re entering for in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. Winners will be selected at random and notified via email. Thursday, March 12th Golden Void, Growwler, Cellar Doors, JJAAXXNN @ Great American Music Hall 8pm, $14, all ages. Buy advance tickets here. Saturday, March 14th Strong Like Bull, Bonnie & The Bang Bang, Sunrunners, The Soonest @ Great American Music Hall 9pm, $13, all ages. [...]

Live This Month: March 2015 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/LTM_March_2015.mp3 Download: Live This Month: March 2015 (Podcast #358) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many San Francisco Bay Area bands are heading down to Austin to take part in South by Southwest madness this month. While that may mean that more locals are away, it also means more opportunities to see emerging artists on pre- and post-SXSW tours, including international buzz bands like Madrid's Hinds and London's Happyness. Both of those bands are younger than London-based 2:54, but that group [...]

Best of the Rest – February 2015 (Six Organs of Admittance, bAd bAd, Panic Is Perfect, & more)

Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance (Photo Credit: Drag City) Every month, our editors hear lots of great new music, at shows around the Bay, exploring the far reaches of the Interwebs, and sifting through the veritable deluge of emails from artists and publicists around the globe hawking the latest songs and videos. While we’d love to write about everything that catches our ear, it’s impossible – there’s just too much good music out there. This is an attempt at rounding up the latest and greatest that we didn't have the bandwidth to cover throughout the month – the [...]

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