The Ballantynes, Cocktails, The Shivas, Grandma’s Boyfriend play Hemlock Tavern

Canadian soul-tinged rock n' rollers The Ballantynes will be playing March 26 at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco with power pop tour de force Cocktails, surf punks The Shivas, and snotty power pop outfit Grandma's Boyfriend. The Ballantynes, a Vancouver-based band, are hitting the west coast in a major way. With a slew of tour dates in the good old US of A, the band is traveling to promote their newest EP Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church on La-Ti-Da Records. Arguably one of the few acts out there that goes for an unabashed northern soul sound with old [...]

Live This Month: January 2014 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #324) Download: Live This Month: January 2014 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #324) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. As we mentioned several podcasts ago, The Magik*Magik Orchestra has been adding welcome orchestral layers to local indie artists' works for years. The orchestra's five years of work is being celebrated with a special concert at the Fox Theater this month, where they'll be joined by a bevy of great acts, including past collaborators How to Dress [...]


If you've spent any time at Mission staples like Zeitgeist or El Rio, you've probably come across Virginia Ramos and her cart of homemade tamales. Affectionately known as The Tamale Lady, she has been satisfying late-night cravings and offering her tell-it-like-it-is advice for the better portion of the last two decades, but due to city regulations, was forced to shut down her vagabond operation back in June. A bonafide San Francisco institution, Virginia saw immediate support from the community, the city's residents and her customers whom she refers to as "My People." With an extraordinary amount of help from District [...]

Tour Diary: Grandma's Boyfriend recaps a trip to Japan

Editor's note: In January, SF's Grandma’s Boyfriend toured Japan for the second time, playing six shows in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka. When they returned, the guys sent us this recap and collection of photos from their trip. Grandma's Boyfriend performs at the Hemlock Tavern on February 9th with Big Drag and Party Owl, and the band will be heading to SXSW in March. The group has two releases out now on Loglady Records. Grandma's Boyfriend EP by Grandma's Boyfriend Most surprising thing: Finding a niche of people in Japan that are extremely interested in Bay Area music. There’s even [...]

Mixtape: Highlights from San Francisco Bay Area Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore (Podcast #290)

Mixtape: Highlights from San Francisco Bay Area Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore (Podcast #290) The Bay Area has held a prominent place in punk music since punk first became a thing, with groups like Crime, Avengers, Flipper, and Dead Kennedys among the genre's most important '70s and '80s bands. As punk artists began to achieve mainstream success in the '90s, Bay Area bands were again at the forefront, while a wide variety of acts continued to operate independently on local labels like Lookout! and Fat Wreck Chords. Given that history, it shouldn't be surprising to find that there's still a wealth [...]

New 7" from Grandma's Boyfriend out on Loglady Records

While the designation "punk-pop" might suggest that slick, whiny garbage that somehow became popular around the turn of the millennium, Grandma's Boyfriend is helping to seize back nervy, sped-up pop for the rest of us. The SF band is giving away their new EP of songs "about getting killed and lost love and girls that just take things too far" below, but this is seven-inch music, so grab one from Loglady. As the flyer indicates, the "cuttiessssst band of 20122#" is currently on tour. Grandma's Boyfriend EP by Grandma's Boyfriend

Grandma’s Boyfriend – “Jellyyyyyyyyyyy”

Grandma's Boyfriend - "Jellyyyyyyyyyyy" Grandma's Boyfriend recently reaffirmed that whole book/cover rule for me in a big way: the band name might be juvenile, but the music is some undeniably catchy DIY power-pop. I Want Pizza! is out on cassette via Loglady, and the band is playing a free show this Sunday with Wet Illustrated and Permanent Collection. Details in the flyer above.

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