Best of 2012: Best Trip Down Memory Lane: Grand Fanali Presents 16th Anniversary Show, 8/25/12

The author at age 16, sitting in her high school journalism class. When I moved back into my parents’ house in San Jose in 2009, after living in San Francisco sucked almost every dollar from my checking account, I quickly became a hopeless nostalgic – sleeping in the same bed you slept in until your last day of high school, surrounded by the posters and magazine cutouts that were there when you left, will do that to you. Nostalgia was something I did in secret – I didn't want anyone to know this super-cool music writer longed for the local [...]

Interview: Eric Fanali's sweet sixteen

After sixteen years in (and out of – mostly out of) "the biz", in whatever form it exists in San Jose, music promoter Eric Fanali and his production company, Grand Fanali Presents, have become a little bit of a legend. Chances are, if you see a good show in Santa Clara County, Grand Fanali Presents -– or GFP, as it's often abbreviated -- is the name at the top of the flyer. That said, when we decided to contact him for a retrospective Q&A in anticipation of GFP's sixteenth anniversary, it seemed appropriate to meet up with the San Jose [...]

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