Best of 2015: Graham of Outer Embassy on Halloween at the Starline Social Club

Something special happened in Oakland last April: the Starline Social Club officially opened its doors to the public. This century old community space is again a vibrant venue ready to nurture the community that many long time Oakland residents are working hard to preserve. Long story short, Halloween New Years was a tradition started years ago at Lobot Gallery. It's basically just Halloween except you count down to midnight and then drop a big pumpkin filled with candy from the ceiling. The more fun aspect of the tradition is the music curation. Local bands pick their "costume' and learn a [...]

A Welcome Homecoming: Port O’Brien, Geographer, Golden Gram, 11/5 @ Bottom of the Hill

Photos by: Charlie Homo It's been a long seven weeks for Port O'Brien. They've been on tour all over the country, had their van broken into, and had some equipment stolen. Well, they are finally back in town and you could tell how glad they are to be home. "Golden Gram" LeBron got up first and gave us a tasty treat as the crowd began filling the venue. As is the case with most early crowds, people seemed a bit more preoccupied with catching up and getting a beer than listening to the first act. Gram played mostly songs off [...]

Port O’Brien: back in Northern California this week

Port O'Brien - "My Will Is Good" Port O'Brien cap off their North American touring with three Northern California dates this weekend, a victory lap of sorts to celebrate the group's great new album Threadbare. Did you download our New, Improved, LIVE session with the band? Port O'Brien - "Oslo Campfire" (New, Improved, LIVE session) Thursday, they'll be at Bottom of the Hill (9pm, $12), with Geographer and Golden Gram, the solo project of POB touring member Gram LeBron (formerly of Rogue Wave). LeBron recently put out Master of None, his second solo album, on Cedar [...]

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