Nick’s five favorite Bay Area releases of 2015

Ever since I started writing for The Bay Bridged I have become hopelessly insulated from the larger national music trends. Lately, all my music recommendations to friends and family have consisted almost exclusively of local acts, and ever since I stopped working at a record store I no longer have any idea of what constitutes mainstream tastes. And I don't think I'm missing much. I haven't cared about Adele since she butchered a Bond theme, Jamie XX is about as emotionally engaging as a Christopher Nolan flick, and Grimes sounds like a parody of modern pop, like music you would [...]

Nicholas Schneider’s best musical moments of 2015

Where the hell did this year go? I’m sure we all say this by the time Christmas rolls around, rearing its pimply, red-and-green-splotched face, reminding us to stimulate the economy by buying stuff that’s just gonna end up in a trash can or forgotten on some already over-cluttered shelf by this time next year. But, all ranting aside, this year did zip by particularly fast for me. Entering my first year of grad school, there were many late-night seminars that found me physically exhausted from a weekend of shows, struggling to dissect the deeper themes inherent in Melville’s short stories [...]

Gold Minor to release debut LP “Bone Flowers” this weekend, throwing masquerade party

Finally. I first covered Gold Minor way back in April and assumed they would also be releasing their debut album Bone Flowers at the time as well. I was excited. I had listened to the entire record numerous times, admiring the crunching riffs and soaring vocals and big, hallelujah rock n' roll arrangements and was happy the world would soon similarly enjoy the music of Gold Minor like I had been for weeks. They would finally be in on the band that, at the time, was practically the Bay's best kept musical secret. Well, I'm pretty sure the secret's out now, [...]

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Gold Minor to release new single “Take Me Home”

Anybody who says rock n' roll is dead, or at least dormant in San Francisco, obviously hasn't seen Gold Minor live yet. Whether guitarist Adam Dragland is busting out a scintillating solo while literally climbing the venue's walls or lead singer Michael Carney is belting out a soulful ballad like "Kiss The Night," the band infuses new life into a genre that many claim is on life-support. It's a bare basic formula they're working with - loud guitars, blistering drum beats, thumping bass lines - but it's played like the first time Chuck Berry duck-walked across a stage or Elvis [...]

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Get to Know: Gold Minor

Gold Minor is one of those bands that makes you wonder exactly what era they hail from. Their sound is certainly haunted by the ghost of classic rock past, but there is enough of a contemporary shine added to avoid the pitfall of sounding like dinosaurs. The soulful and atmospheric "The Calling" channels the anthem-based, later-day work of Kings of Leon, and the gritty "The Right Time" recalls the grungier side of the Black Crowes. Ballad "Kiss The Night" is a definite shout-out to '70s hard rock glory with its scintillating guitar solo and unabashedly huge chorus. Get ready to raise your [...]

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