Peelander-Z, Gnarboots play DNA Lounge this Thursday

Gird your loins. Peelander-Z and San Jose's Gnarboots are joining forces for a night in San Francisco. If you've never seen either of these bands live, you're in for an...experience. Two bands that take "rock as theater" to the extreme, both Peelander-Z and Gnarboots are all-out attacks on the senses. Peelander-Z are a blast of almost unbearably upbeat rock 'n' roll where the games (human bowling, anyone?) are just as integral to the show as the music, and the last time I saw Gnarboots they brought out a kindergarten-gym-class parachute and read the audience a story underneath it. It's a [...]

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Festival Preview: Rockage 3.0 in San Jose, February 7-9

Now in its third year, Rockage will be once again taking over downtown San Jose for a weekend in February. This year, it's rocking some roomier digs — the three-day celebration of gaming and rock 'n' roll has graduated to the Student Union at San Jose State. This year's lineup brings back favorites like Gnarboots, The Albert Square and Curious Quail, alongside a couple of first-timers. This year's lineup has more of a focus on strict chiptune than in years past, featuring major names within the chip community like Danimal Cannon and Bit Brigade. Games are yet to be confirmed, [...]

South Bay Star Wars Night features BLAMMOS!, Cartoon Violence, Gnarboots and more

Geekery and rock 'n' roll have long shared a special kinship, so it's a wonder that celebrations like what's scheduled to go down in Cupertino next week aren't more commonplace. Down in Silicon Valley, Homestead Lanes will ring in May the 4th with a special Star Wars Day show. The night features a who’s-who of Bay Area geek rock, including Gnarboots, BLAMMOS!, Curious Quail, Cartoon Violence, and a few others. The Angel and Robot Show emcee. The festivities start at 8pm. Costumes are absolutely encouraged. May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Extravaganza Curious Quail, Gnarboots, Blammos!, Cartoon Violence, [...]

Mini-Playlist: 5 Local Acts to See at Rockage

Going to Rockage2.0? Of course you are. (You are, right?). While it’s mostly a celebration of video-game-geekery in all its glory, Rockage also serves as a sneaky way to introduce those who came to game to some badass local bands as well. If you’re heading down south next weekend, here are the Bay Area bands you need to see. FRIDAY, 2/8/13 Curious Quail, San Jose: Personally, we can’t think of a more appropriate band to play such an event. Curious Quail build their sound off of a dreamy foundation of bleeps, bloops and other electronic noises. They’ll be appearing as [...]

Gnarboots premiere "Cats in Pajamas"

San Jose/East Bay band Gnarboots recently released a new video, “Cats in Pajamas.” Just, I’m required to give you at least 100 words in a news post, but I’m honestly at a loss for them here. Except maybe to say that coulrophobics should hit pause and walk away at about 1:14. New to Gnarboots? Rest assured, they’re not always this weird. (Though they are pretty weird.) Find out for yourself next month -- Gnarboots are on deck for this year’s Rockage 2.0.

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