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Photo: Ian Young Hi friends. It's your Content Director, Jody.  Had a talk with the other top brass here at TBB a few weeks ago to go over how we wanted to break this news, and we agreed we owe it to our readers to get real: COVID-19 has come for us, too. Since we started in 2006, our main source of funding has been local venues promoting upcoming concerts. It was a mutual and adoring relationship: They helped us produce our top-tier editorial content, and we got to hype up shows we were already stoked about, anyway. Now that there are [...]

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Photos: Thank you for joining us on Giving Tuesday!

M. Lockwood Porter (photo: Robert Alleyne) It was truly heartwarming — dare we say overwhelming? — to be joined by so many friends on Giving Tuesday for an evening of music and beer to support The Bay Bridged. The event was, by every measure, a great success, and we couldn't have done it without all of you who attended. We want to also extend our deepest thanks to Standard Deviant Brewing, M. Lockwood Porter, and all of the terrific local businesses that donated great prizes for our raffle. Giving Tuesday was the kickoff event for our ongoing 2016 Year-End Fundraiser. We've got a [...]

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It’s Giving Tuesday! Support San Francisco Bay Area Music and Come to our Fundraiser!

Today is Giving Tuesday, which means that tonight is our very special Giving Tuesday fundraiser to support The Bay Bridged. With a performance by M. Lockwood Porter, free beer (while supplies last), BBQ available from Sneaky's BBQ, great giveaways, and more, it's going to be one hell of a party for a great cause. If you haven't already done so, buy your tickets right now! 2016 has been a difficult year for many in the local music community, with the high cost of living continuing to challenge people across the Bay Area. Despite these challenges, the San Francisco Bay Area [...]

Beer, food, and more at tomorrow’s special Giving Tuesday event

As if you needed another reason to attend our special Giving Tuesday fundraiser, which takes place TOMORROW (November 29th). Our event will take place at Standard Deviant Brewing, a brewery located in the Mission (specifically, 280 14th Street, between Mission and Minna). Standard Deviant Brewing is brand spankin' new, having only opened their doors earlier this year. Their taproom features a rotating collection of their own craft brews, and several places across the city have started carrying their beers as well. In addition to the beer menu, Standard Deviant Brewing boasts reasonable prices, an open and airy space, and pinball [...]

Win tickets to our Giving Tuesday event tomorrow night!

Now that you've done all the taking (of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie), get ready for the giving. Tomorrow night, we have a sweet event going on at Standard Deviant that will help us raise funds for the coming year. The Bay Bridged is a nonprofit that promotes independent music and arts in the Bay Area. Through our blog, podcasts, and flagship event Phono Del Sol, our mission is to provide the critical space and exposure for local artists to really shine. But our scene can't exist without some audience participation — and that's why we're calling on you to [...]

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s how to support The Bay Bridged on Giving Tuesday!

This Thanksgiving weekend, please consider supporting The Bay Bridged by purchasing tickets to our upcoming Giving Tuesday fundraiser at Standard Deviant Brewing. We've got a full evening of fun planned, including music from M. Lockwood Porter, complimentary beer (while supplies last), great barbecue available from Sneaky's BBQ, and a killer raffle. And it's just $15! Get your tickets now! Your attendance is critical to helping us support the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Through our work, The Bay Bridged provides critical exposure for local artists, especially emerging performers struggling to gain awareness early in their careers. We've been doing [...]

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Amazing prizes: another great reason to join us on Giving Tuesday!

On November 29, we're going to be hosting our Giving Tuesday fundraiser, a very special evening of music, beer and barbecue to support The Bay Bridged. Proceeds from the event will help us continue to showcase the best of the San Francisco Bay Area independent music scene, which is why your attendance is so critical. In order to help sustain the local music scene, purchase your tickets right now! As previously announced, the party will include a performance by the supremely talented M. Lockwood Porter, complimentary beer (while supplies last), and great barbecue available from Sneaky's BBQ. But if you're [...]

Reminder: Giving Tuesday is next week!

While your brains might be filled with various thoughts this week (turkey, Tofurky, finishing up work before getting to eat all the turkey/Tofurky, pie, more pie, napping, hanging out with family, how to avoid discussing recent politics with family, more pie, researching the best Cyber Monday deals . . . etc.), we'd like to remind you of one more thing: our extra-special Giving Tuesday event is next week! Seeing as the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday both represent a level of peak consumerism, #givingtuesday exists to balance that all out - to encourage charity after many days of consumption, and to [...]

M. Lockwood Porter is performing at our Giving Tuesday fundraiser!

As we announced previously, The Bay Bridged will be throwing a special Giving Tuesday fundraiser on November 29, 2016, at Standard Deviant Brewing in the Mission. Featuring local bands, free beer (while supplies last), BBQ available from Sneaky's BBQ, great giveaways, and more, it's going to be one hell of a party, so you should buy your tickets right now! Today, we're excited to announce that one of the artists performing on Giving Tuesday will be Berkeley-based singer-songwriter M. Lockwood Porter. Melding elements of Americana, country, folk, and rock and roll, Porter released his stellar third LP, How To Dream [...]

Join us on Giving Tuesday to support The Bay Bridged!

Even before recent national events, 2016 has been a challenging year in the San Francisco Bay Area. The high cost of living continues to challenge residents across the Bay Area, including so many in our local music community. Despite the challenges raised by our affordability crisis, however, the San Francisco Bay Area music scene is far from dying. As we've showcased every day on and at events like the acclaimed Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival, the Bay Area scene contains countless talented musicians, many of whom have achieved or will grow to achieve well-deserved national acclaim. Through [...]

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