One year after Ghost Ship, Chasms return to SF

Photo by Jess Garten Much has changed since the last time I spoke with Chasms. Last October, I met the duo of Jess Labrador and Shannon Sky Madden in a San Francisco taqueria next door to the venue hosting their album release show for On the Legs of Love Purified. Now, I dial their LA number from the shelter of my Columbus bedroom. In the year since their debut album dropped and we chatted amidst warm clouds of tortillas, the band has, along with moving to Los Angeles, experienced deep periods of grief and loss. These days, Labrador tells me, [...]

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Loose Grip Records joins Ghost Ship relief efforts with benefit compilation

(cover art by John Felix Arnold III) Last winter, the artist collective and living space know as Ghost Ship burned down in a tragic fire that claimed the lives of 36 artists and attendees of an electronic music event, making it the deadliest structure fire in California since the 1906 earthquake. The event started a national conversation about the relationship between local government and artists, and the responsibility to provide affordable housing and event spaces. However, it also sparked a panicked shuttering of similar venues around the country, and evictions that have displaced the very artists that are so integral to [...]

Barrett Clark: Too Rare To Die

The following has been contributed by Tyler Green, Lynn Schwarz, Greg Tietz, Cassidy Garcia, and Gabriel Armstrong in memory of Barrett Clark, a victim of the recent Oakland fire. He quickly became the cornerstone of our live event sound staff and a friend to all who knew him here at The Bay Bridged. Hello, friend. What I'm about to tell you is top secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. A secret, you were never supposed to know about. I'm talking about a secret that is a man, a man no one knows about. The ultimate insider. If you [...]

Noise Pop presents Oakland United, a benefit for Ghost Ship fire relief

Since word of the Ghost Ship fire reached the public last weekend, benefit shows have been popping up left and right. The biggest one yet is being planned for The Fox Theatre for next week. On Wednesday, December 14, local concert curation company Noise Pop will present Oakland United, a benefit for Oakland fire relief. The lineup is a doozy: Highlights include local heavy-hitters like Boots Riley, Geographer, Hieroglyphics, Jay Som, Tune-Yards, with many, many more. The show will also include appearances from local reporters Gabe Meline and Sam Lefebvre, both of whom have written widely-shared pieces in the wake [...]

Here’s our list of upcoming benefit shows to support Ghost Ship victims and their families (Updating)

Our hearts ache for the victims of the tragedy at Ghost Ship this past weekend, as well as for all of their loved ones, families, and friends. As we all continue to mourn the devastating loss of so many lives, a large number of local benefit shows are emerging to support victims' relief efforts. In addition to attending the events linked below, you can (and should) also donate directly to the victims' relief fund being raised by the Gray Area Foundation. We're endeavoring here to keep a running list of Ghost Ship benefit shows below. Is there a benefit that [...]

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