Getaway Dogs release new single: “KEEP II”

Santa Cruz favorite Getaway Dogs released a stunning new single "KEEP II". Continuing a trend established in previous albums, this song showcases their ability to bond the medium of pop music with the realm of art. Lyrically engaging the mythopoetic, Getaways Dogs channels a spiritualism through an sophisticated composition: "When you were a grey owl in some past life / You had a place you'd go / You were a lotus once out in some lonesome pond / You were a deep violet heart beating hard in someone's chest / And you were the dotted line spectral and undefined." Keep II [...]

Getaway Dogs debut latest single “Salty Water”

Kai Killion, Getaway Dogs, performs at Streetlight Records during Santa Cruz Music Festival on Sunday, February 19, 2017. The catalog of mellow beach tunes from Santa Cruz indie favorite Getaway Dogs grows by one today with the surprise release of the new single "Salty Water" for free on Bandcamp. An older tune that was slated to appear on and later cut from the groups' full length debut, Lost In The Ebb, "Salty Water" is a fluid fingerpicking folk tune with a high, yet reserved, energy. Salty Water by Getaway Dogs Originally written as an ode to his classic folk heroes [...]

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Santa Cruz’s Getaway Dogs release ‘Lost in the Ebb’

Kai Killion, a Santa Cruz-by-way-of Rio de Janeiro native, announced his indie folk group Getaway Dogs' newest album, Lost In The Ebb, to be released August 19. Combining intricate finger-picking progressions and percussive guitar sounds over a mid-tempo solid beat, the 14 tracks on Lost In The Ebb come together to form a world influenced album. Killion's childhood was split between Santa Cruz, Point Reyes, and Brazil, where he first and fully immersed himself into the musical history of his culture and the epic grandeur of the natural world firmly impressed onto his perspective. Accompanying Killion's vocal duties is Santa Cruz artist Samantha Stone, whose atmospheric tones [...]

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