Review: Gary Numan at the Fillmore

A surface look at Gary Numan’s career could lead to the conclusion that Numan is a chameleon the likes of Madonna or Will Smith, changing image and sound every few years and morphing, ultimately, into a different performer. However, I’ve always gotten the feeling that Madge and the former Fresh Prince have evolved in accordance with the tastes of the market — wearing a mask for the given time. Numan, however, seems to be ever-changing toward the direction of more truth, more raw honesty. They’re pretending, but he is distilling. Sunday night at the Fillmore, Numan brought his strange truth [...]

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Giveaway: Gary Numan coming to the Fillmore this Sunday

Gary Numan will perform the final show of his recent U.S. tour at San Francisco's iconic Fillmore this Sunday, April 6, following a successful run of shows in support of his latest album Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind) featuring career-spanning songs as well as tracks from the new album which included collaborations with members of Nine Inch Nails and Battles. The album (his twentieth) released last year and was his first album in three decades to crack the Billboard Top 200. The man most famous for the songs "Cars" and "Are 'Friends' Electric?" isn't afraid to still bust out the [...]

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