Mixtape: Fourteen of the Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #325)

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Record_Labels_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: The Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #325) It's conventional wisdom nowadays that bands no longer need record labels to release music into the world. Still, it would be foolish to think that labels no longer matter. A label association can be a critical stamp of approval for potential new fans; the best labels build audiences' trust to the point that they'll support new artists even before hearing them. All of this is to say nothing, of course, of the distribution services labels can offer, and any financial or booking support they might also provide. In recent [...]

Best of 2013: Draut on the Most Overlooked Bay Area Releases

While you've undoubtedly heard (or at the very least, heard of) this year's long list of lauded LP releases from local headliners such as Deafheaven, Mikal Cronin, Thee Oh Sees, Shannon and the Clams, Ty Segall/Fuzz, and the like, there are dozens more digital, vinyl, and cassette releases that may have slipped under your radar. You probably also caught wind of our extensive local coverage of 2013 debuts and breakthroughs from acts like Dan Casey, Glenn Jackson, Wild Moth, Cool Ghouls, Antwon, and Tony Molina, but there are even more treasures to be found by digging deeper into the musical [...]

Editors' Picks: What We've Been Listening to This Week (Yo La Tengo, FWY!, The Tallest Man On Earth, Majical Cloudz)

Yo La Tengo (Photo: Carlie Armstrong) Ben: Yo La Tengo recently released a deluxe edition of the terrific Fade, adding a bunch of B-sides and outtakes to one of my favorite albums from 2013. Normally, I read "B-sides" as "detritus," but the alternate takes and covers in this set are almost uniformly great. Okay, maybe there's a meandering remix that doesn't add much, but the two live takes on "Ohm" are both great and the cover of Times New Viking's "Move to California" served as perfect rainy day fare this week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HXdBvj7m9c Jason: Whenever I see an email [...]

FWY! releases new cassette on Moon Glyph: 'Any Exit'

San Francisco's own Edmund Xavier (aka Glenn Donaldson of Art Museums and The Skygreen Leopards) is back in the game with a new FWY! offering. Any Exit is the newest cassette and MP3 release put out by local label Moon Glyph. FWY!'s sound artfully presents a minimalist landscape, and the lyric-less album drips with an easy ambience that Moon Glyph describes as "slowmo." The sounds and beats don't move quickly but they aren't snail-paced either; it's as if you're listening to this eight-track release submerged completely underwater. Any Exit is defined by lightly mixed synths and symbiotic melodies, and the completeness [...]

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FWY! (Art Museums/Teenage Panzerkorps) releases new cassette tape

San Francisco musician Edmund Xavier has released a new EP entitled San Clemente under his moniker FWY! The EP is available on cassette tape through Moon Glyph Records, and it's also available for digital download through FWY!'s Bandcamp page. Named after the southern California beach town, San Clemente is a healthy offering of ambient tracks audibly intended for moments on the open road with stretches of long highway ahead. Some of Xavier's other projects include the now-defunct Art Museums and Teenage Panzerkorps (DER TPK) .

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