Video: Fuzz – "Fuzz's Fourth Dream"

Charles Moothart I can't seem to stop writing about Ty Segall's new project Fuzz these days, whether it's discussing their first release, reviewing their Noise Pop gig at The Knockout, posting an Al Lover remix, or writing about their second 7-inch, dropped just a couple weeks ago on L.A.'s In The Red Records. Well, it looks like I can't get too much of a good thing, because I've got another beauty for you – Segall and bandmates Charles Moothart and Roland Cosio are back with video for the b-side off that first 7-inch, "Fuzz's Fourth Dream". The black and white [...]

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Fuzz playing Rickshaw Stop tonight, 4/24/13

Photo: Denee Patrecek Fuzz – the nacent trio featuring Ty Segall (drums, vocals) and his former Epsilons bandmates Charles Mootheart (guitar) and Roland Cosio (bass) – is playing yet another Bay Area gig tonight, as they continue to gain momentum just a few short months after their first release, January's “This Time I Got a Reason” b/w “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream” 7-inch. This time, these purveyors of sludgy, fuzzed out psychedelic blues metal are coming to Rickshaw Stop, supported by Wooden Indian Burial Ground, The Spyrals, and Mane. Last week, Segall and company put out a second 7-inch, "Sleigh Ride" b/w [...]

Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304)

Mixtape: Bay Area Artists, Remixing and Remixed (Podcast #304) All too frequently, remixes are just okay, but when they are great, they're really something special. A truly great remix can shed new light on the original artist's work and stand on its own as a unique creation. That's no easy feat, either, given the tension between staying true to an original song's components and a reworker's desire to create something new and personal. These days, it feels far too easy to get remix fatigue. Reworkings seem to pop up almost immediately after original songs are released, and they can come [...]

Photos & Review: Fuzz, Acid Baby Jesus, Las Ardillas, Hellshovel, Los Vigilantes @ The Stork Club, 3/27/13

Las Ardillas, from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sponsored by PBR now in 24oz. alcoholic size, sold out of pink vinyl before I could reach for the cash. Twitchy, spitty, garage greatness. Ladies and Gentlemen: SXSW sweethearts Hellshovel with members from Berlin and a brand new record on Slovenly. Dark psychedelic magic: Acid Baby Jesus from Athens, Greece. Bone necklace not for sale. These guys teamed up with Hellshovel to create the mysterious Voyager 8. This record also on Slovenly. Los Vigilantes seem to be everywhere you find Las Ardillas. They also hail from San Juan, Puerto Rico. It seemed the [...]

Review & Photos: OBN IIIs, Fuzz, Blasted Canyons, & G. Green @ The Knockout, 2/28/13 (Noise Pop 2013)

Fuzz (Photo: Jason Shane) In what should be remembered as one of highlights of this year's installment of Noise Pop, OBN IIIs and Fuzz – the latest brainchild of SF-wunderkind Ty Segall and old pal Charles Moothart – co-headlined a spectacular and unpredictable night at The Knockout last Thursday, filling the tiny venue (capacity: 132) with their respective modern-day hardcore furor and paint-peeling throwback psychedelic blues metal. Opening the evening was Sacramento/Davis/Oakland quartet G. Green, playing punk-influenced indie rock with dueling guitars, a booming bassline, and the ripping drum work of Liz Liles. After tearing through a set full of [...]

Ty Segall's new band Fuzz is set for Noise Pop 2013

After releasing three albums last year, Ty Segall is already back at it. As we told you at the beginning of January, he just released a 7-inch single with his guitarist Charlie Mootheart under the moniker Fuzz. The 7-inch, which features the tracks "This Time I Got a Reason" and "Fuzz's Fourth Dream", is already sold out, but you can still stream it via YouTube (below) or Spotify. Apparently, Fuzz's record label Trouble in Mind attempted to keep the project anonymous, going so far as to claim they "received an unsolicited email submission from [the band] & despite our best [...]

Al Lover remixes "Fuzz's Fourth Dream", b-side on 7" released by new Segall/Moothart project Fuzz

Al Lover is back at it, churning out yet another quality remix. This time, he gives us his take on "Fuzz's Fourth Dream", the b-side on the 7-inch released by Fuzz, the new project from Ty Segall and Charles Moothart. The track is a slo-mo, head-bobbin', bass-heavy drone that matches the original's intensity, although it's a little bit less Sabbath and little bit more Trent Reznor and Karen O doing "Immigrant Song". Lover hinted at the subject of the remix on Twitter a day before officially dropping it on the Interwebs: Stream and download Al Lover's remix of "Fuzz's [...]

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Ty Segall and Charles Moothart form FUZZ, release 7"

If you thought Ty Segall would slow down at all after an insanely productive 2012, you were wrong. Segall has again joined forces with cohort Charles Moothart (who played on two of Ty's solo records and is also a member of the Ty Segall Band) to form another garage rock outfit, appropriately named Fuzz, and their debut 7-inch on Chicago label Trouble In Mind features the tracks "This Time I've Got A Reason" and "Fuzz's Fourth Dream". As far as we can tell, Segall first discussed the project in a 2011 interview with the Memphis-based music blog ACHTUNG. "It's really [...]

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