Get out of your head with Future Shapes this Friday at BOTH

When you're an anxious wreck, relationships (not just romantic ones) can be emotionally draining. With all the personal pressure you put on yourself to just be happy with the people around you, with the attention that you already get, but sometimes your mental state won't let you. Fil Cala of Future Shapes has done a perfect job of making these feelings into relatable and catchy tunes. With a voice that cracks while spewing out their inner insecurities, the lyrics repeat just like those deep thoughts you keep covered in a rant about the amount of dogs in the city. I [...]

The Bay Abridged: Jan 20 – Feb 2

In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. Howe Gelb & Sylvie Simmons at The Chapel (SF) Jan. 24 SF treasure Sylvie Simmons played a beautiful Donovan tune "Catch the Wind" and a slew of brand new songs including a tear jerker called "Nothing". Howe joined her for the last few songs in full Curious [...]

The Bay on Bowie: Bay Area bands memorialize the iconic cultural hero

Our beloved Starman has passed on, and as the news has sunk deep into our hearts and minds, we at The Bay Bridged are giving a space for some of our favorite local bands and musicians to dedicate their David Bowie tributes, however they wish to honor him. The consensus, if we could ever come to one? It's quite hard to distill years of Bowie memories into words; many had their sexual awakenings to Bowie's package in Labyrinth; and so many parts of his body of work had a profound impact on people. Read their poignant words below. Derek Barber, Perhapsy/Bells [...]

Mixtape: Top Notch San Francisco Bay Area Indie Pop Download: Mixtape: Top Notch San Francisco Bay Area Indie Pop (Podcast #375) Indie pop music -- a wide-ranging label used to describe everything from jangling rock-pop to dreamy synth-pop -- has been one of the Bay Area's successful musical exports in recent years. Groups like Geographer and Painted Palms are just some of the latest in a long line of acclaimed local indie pop bands to break out nationally, joining Rogue Wave, The Dodos, Papercuts, Film School, The Aislers Set and many, many more. Lest one be concerned for the future of local indie pop, this mixtape shows that [...]

Future Shapes releases new single “Feel”

New Future Shapes single "Feel" poses some deep questions about the nature of reality and hints at an unspecified, intangible, existential need hanging off the haunting reverb and laid-back groove. But if you're looking for answers to the metaphysical mysteries, all singer-songwriter Fil Cala offers in the chorus is "It's probably me, just being crazy." Perhaps, Fil. Or perhaps you're onto some terrifying, inexplicable secret about the universe that can only be translated through your self-coined genre of "shitwave." This gem of mindfreak soul is a preview of the band's upcoming EP, Microchasm, set to be released early next year. [...]

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Future Shapes support Nick Diamonds tonight at the Rickshaw

I really think Future Shapes does a disservice to themselves with the self-styled label shitwave. Can't they go with freak-wave or psych-wave or anything other than that rather disparaging moniker? Whatever label they feel best captures their unique sound will be on full display tonight at the Rickshaw Stop as they support dream-pop artist Lyla Foy and Nick Diamonds, the songwriter best known for his work in the indie bands The Unicorns and Islands. It will be interesting to see how the mind-expanding and occasionally nightmarish melodies of San Francisco's Future Shapes hit the crowd, since they're probably expecting the [...]

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Future Shapes share new music video “Tear Me Apart”

When Future Shapes told me they had a new music video to share, I was expecting a freakout and, thankfully, they didn't disappoint. "Tear Me Apart," the second single off their recently released split EP with dot Vom, is like a prom song on downers, the pretty melody disguised by droning vocals and a spacey beat. The accompanying video is even more of a trip. Remember when you used to drop acid and watch VHS tapes? Yeah, it's kind of like that - an explosion of distorted images and washed out colors. You're not quite sure what the hell is [...]

Future Shapes releases new single “Shitwave”

Originally I thought "Shitwave" was just a fitting way to express disdain for that insipid scourge of 21st century indie pop music "Chillwave." It's actually the genre practiced by Future Shapes, a band that both embraces and subverts aspects of that lo-fi, synth-driven trend. Future Shapes' new song, named after the self-ascribed genre, isn't so chill as spine-chilling with its fuzzed-out, droning guitars, crashing drumbeat, and agonized vocals that sound a bit like a strung out Conor Oberst. This wave is loud and slightly manic, especially at the 3:25 mark, where chaos ensues and the track dips into atmospheric noise [...]

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