Canadian punks Fucked Up coming to The Independent

Fucked Up, the esteemed Canadian punk band, is bringing their United States tour to the San Francisco Bay Area. Having achieved the heights of critical acclaim, Fucked Up has kept a true, honest punk sound that's continued even while garnering major success. The band's 80s/90s hardcore punk feel is jam-packed with quick drum beats, heavy breakdowns, and screaming vocals from frontman Damian Abraham. This time, they'll be hitting the stage again where they once performed, years ago, a cover of "Blitzkrieg Bop" with the Dead Kennedy's frontman, Jello Biafra. In June the band released their fourth LP, Glass Boys, on Matador [...]

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Tijuana Panthers release new video before show at the Independent with Fucked Up

Tijuana Panthers just released their third record, Wayne Interest, earlier this summer on Innovative Leisure, and are set to head to the Bay later on this month (with a new video to boot!). And they're going big—the trio is curbing the West coast with the über hardcore group Fucked Up. For Wayne, Tijuana Panthers worked with Richard Swift, the mastermind producer behind The Shins and Foxygen, to nail down their hard-to-delineate sound. However, that genre ambivalence is where they like to stay. They're content orchestrating their sound from somewhere in the space between punk, beachy guitar riffs, and grungy rock, and claim influence [...]

Photos & Review: Fucked Up, Ceremony @ Slim's, 9/5/12

Photos by Mark Pantoja There are a lot of reasons why I love Fucked Up, but their lead singer Pink Eyes (real name: Damian Abraham) has to be the chief one. I hate to reduce a band this good to just one element like that, but the dude once tweeted "Black Keys = Nickelback for hipsters." That, and the first time I saw Fucked Up play was at an outside show at SXSW—when it was actually pretty cold down in Austin—but Abraham stripped to his undies anyway, climbed on top of a speaker, poured a cup of ice water down [...]

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Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Yeasayer 9/1/12 and Fucked Up 9/5/12

Chances are you're looking at a short work week next week, and that's pretty awesome. Why not make it even more awesome with free tickets to one of two shows that are swinging through the Bay Area? If you're looking to sway to the spacey sounds of Yeasayer or kick your own ass with Ceremony and Fucked Up, we've got your hook-up. We've got an especially large number of tickets to give away this week, so read directions carefully! To enter any contest submit an email to contest[at]thebaybridged[dot]com with your full name in the body and the concert you’re entering [...]

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