The long-awaited return of FRONDS!

MBL missed you! How have you been? I haven't had much to say since FRONDS released it's tremendous debut recording in 2013. After the premature demise of Bay Area Superheroes the Mallard, FRONDS was the natural life raft to carry us through those challenging times. Now in our most difficult days FRoOdS return to provide some much-needed calm in this rocky sea of Amerikkkan chaos. Dylan Tidyman-Jones recorded these sounds home alone in 2015 and the final product is outstanding. There are strong ENO sensations. Find a quiet place and check out the new digs. The new record, Cold Across [...]

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Mixtape: Big Sounds from Bay Area Solo Artists Download: Mixtape: Big Sounds from Bay Area Solo Artists (Podcast #411) Support for The Bay Bridged is provided by RushTix. Visit to start your free trial today. We cover a lot of bands and other collaborative efforts on our podcast, but the Bay Area music scene is also full of extremely talented solo artists, who build unique musical works that are often performed, recorded, and produced solely by the artists themselves.  This mixtape collects new and recent music from ten amazing Bay Area solo artists. Whether recording in solitude, like Fronds and Spellling, or with the support of [...]

The Bay Abridged: Nov 18 – Dec 1

In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. Blessed Feathers at The Octopus Literary Salon (Oak) Nov. 18  Almost three years ago, Jacquelyn Beaupré and Donivan Berube quit their jobs, put their apartment in storage, and traveled the continent with a van and a tent. During their adventures they recorded and released There Will Be [...]

Saturday: The Bay Bridged Presents The Fresh and Onlys at the Hemlock Tavern

You said you would stop after a second helping and you swear sneaking into the kitchen to finish off that pie after everyone passed out was not premeditated. Needless to say, you have some calories to burn. This is one of the many reasons we're providing you with a way to dance back into shape Saturday night at the Hemlock Tavern. You've had plenty of warning to prepare for a night of local talent. There's one more chance to catch the Bay's own The Fresh & Onlys and Fronds in 2015. In case you could use more convincing, here are [...]

Fronds live in the MEGADOME this Saturday

Fronds’ self-titled debut LP came out in late 2013 and made a lot of "best of" lists. Videos were made. Sexy videos... Unfortunately the band played very few gigs. A jam-packed show at the Chapel bar in September was brilliant. This Saturday, December 20, Fronds will play live in the MEGADOME at Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland. It is a Winter Solstice blow-out that also features the incredibly talented Sylvie Simmons. There will be delicious food, hot apple cider, ice cold beer, wine and lots of other surprises. Karen Penley will bring her unique comedy, and Buster Keaton [...]

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Artist Spotlight: Fronds Download: Artist Spotlight: Fronds (Podcast #352) Subscribe to The Bay Bridged Podcast! The long-overdue return of our Artist Spotlight podcast series, which captures live-in-the-studio performances and interviews with emerging Bay Area performers, features Fronds. Fronds began while Dylan Tidyman-Jones was still playing guitar in the much-loved The Mallard. Drawing on songs he'd written over the past several years, he recorded the project's self-titled LP in Oakland with producer Robert Jackson; while in the studio, Dylan experimented with arrangements and sounds, playing most of the instruments on the record himself. The result was a enchanting collection of psych-pop released in [...]

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Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2014 Download: Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2014 We cover a whole lot of San Francisco Bay Area bands at The Bay Bridged, a sign of the wealth of musical talent here. The size of this talent pool, however, presents its own challenge: with so many interesting local bands out there, and with acts emerging seemingly every day, who are the new artists to keep a close eye on in the months to come? This mixtape takes a stab at answering that question, showcasing fourteen excellent local bands that are new to our podcast, young groups with [...]

Editors’ Picks: What We’ve Been Listening to This Week: PAWS, Owls, Fronds

Anna: I am so incredibly behind on everything. I finally got around to listening to Jonah Raydio after the podcast had already been around for a year. In one of the first episodes, he played "Jellyfish" by PAWS, and I became obsessed with Cokefloat!, on which "Jellyfish" resides. I then realized that this album has been out since October 2012. Well, better late than never. This album is totally addictive and thrilling - a rollicking throwback to the 90s. I adore it.   Nicole: Midwest emo fans everywhere cheered in unison on Monday when Owls shared their first [...]

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'I Need You Bad' – The Live Show! (win tickets!)

A little over a month ago, Polyvinyl Records announced the release of its garage rock compilation I Need You Bad, a sonic snapshot of the local garage rock scene. Curated by Sonny Smith of Sunny & the Sunsets, the comp features Bay Area staples like Cool Ghouls, Burnt Ones and Warm Soda as well as a few other artists from along the West Coast, including Burger Records' latest darlings The Memories, who come from Portland. The record is streaming in its entirety below and you can order the LP over at the label's online store, but Polyvinyl is taking I Need You Bad a step further with a live celebration, appropriately titled I Need You [...]

San Francisco's FRONDS releases new music video

FRONDS is the dream-pop project of Dylan Tidyman-Jones, the former guitarist to the now departed The Mallard. With a debut album out now on Do Not Disturb Records, FRONDS is the collaboration between Jones and producer Robert Jackson over at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland. A swirl of finger picking guitars, harmonic vocals, and electro-acoustic drums and bass - FRONDS feels like  a melancholic, faraway dream. As fluid as the sound of the project itself, FRONDS have released a music video to accompany their first single, “Crush”. Filmed in Berlin with producers Matt Lambert and Jannis Birsner, the video is a [...]

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