Ticket Giveaway: Kool A.D., French Cassettes at The Max Savage Show, Ep. 2

  Still kicking yourself into rainbow hues over missing the first installment of The Max Savage Show, aka "A Song of Fire, Ice and Tomfoolery", huh? Or at least I am. Last time featured a varied cast of entertainment including one of our biggest indie local acts, Toro y Moi. Like I said, rainbow hues. Keeping with the Game of Thrones reference, this episode is aptly titled "A Clash of Kings, Queens & Dunces". Again, there will be exciting local musical guests such as Kool A.D., French Cassettes, and Antique Naked Soul. You'll also be wow'ed by a cooking demonstration from Homestead [...]

SONG-FREUD: French Cassettes’ “Teeth for Talking”

Welcome back to SONG-FREUD, the only music column in the whole world that doubles as a deep cavity search of your favorite Bay Area songs. Equal parts Pitchfork and Dr. Phil, SONG-FREUD is a public service to write, and good karma to read. ***** It doesn’t take a Francophile to know that the French Cassettes aren’t French. That makes them liars. If you want proof, look no further than the title of their song “Teeth for Talking.” I’ve lived in France, I’ve eaten their cheese, I’ve been sneered at by their hipsters, and I will not let you take their name in [...]

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French Cassettes take over Amnesia this Thursday and Friday!

Checklist: 1. Do you live in the Bay Area, or have available transportation to the Bay Area this Thursday and/or Friday evening? (If so, continue to #2.) 2. “Do you still love rock and roll?” Specifically, of the freakishly-catchy variety that French Cassettes churn out impeccably on their debut full-length Gold Youth? (If so, continue to #3.) 3. Are you stoked about two fantastically-curated shows, bringing together not just terrific local supporting acts but two wonderful bands from up and down the West Coast, Olympia's Oh, Rose and LA's Jr.? (If so, continue to #4.) 4. Do you think that Jr's cover of Talking Heads' "This Must be the [...]

Black Cobra Vipers make history at The Chapel

Since opening in 2012, The Chapel has stood on Valencia Street as a beacon of live music, a bastion of night life and a symbol of hope in the city's uneasy social landscape. It is one of the more important things to happen to San Francisco in the last decade, (a scientific fact that I unearthed by multiplying free cult film screenings by killer rock and roll shows, dividing by Sunday Mass, and then raising that to the power of how fucking cool the space is). And like The Fillmore and The Independent before it, it will endure the inevitable noise complaints [...]

Premiere: French Cassettes – “Little Shoes (Almost Acoustic)”

In August of 2013, San Francisco's French Cassettes self-released one of the year's highlights from around the Bay, the band's debut LP Gold Youth. That stellar album is now is getting the limited edition, random-colored cassette re-release treatment from Oakland-based label Off The Air Recordings, and we have the exclusive on a new bonus track, "Little Shoes (Almost Accoustic)". Gold Youth's new cassette release is due Tuesday, May 20, 2014, and French Cassettes and Off The Air will fête the occasion at two separate shows – one in the City and then one in the band and label's native Central [...]

French Cassettes make video for “Too Young”

French Cassettes have put together a video for their song, "Too Young"...and guys, it's really freakin' cute. Produced in partnership with Oaktown Indie Mayhem and Dreaded Savage, the video is a lively stroll through San Francisco's Chinatown during Chinese New Year. Armed with instruments, French Cassettes plays "Too Young", off their 2013 release, Gold Youth, as they walk. Watch the dudes troubadour through Chinatown in heavy knitwear, make fans out of a pack of teenage girls...and get startled by firecrackers (it was Chinese New Year, after all). French Cassettes will be playing Noise Pop on February 26th at Bottom of [...]

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The Bay Bridged Presents: WATERS kicks off a Brick & Mortar residency!

Van Pierszalowski's WATERS is emerging from the studio next month for a Monday night residency at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. At every show, they'll be joined by some great local bands, and we're thrilled to be presenting the first night of the four-show run. On February 3, the band will be joined by TBB favorites Social Studies and French Cassettes and Bay Bridged DJs between bands. Having loved 2011's Out In The Light, we're really excited to hear what Van has in store with WATERS's new songs, so come join us for a night of great music! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izgmACVXVBA [...]

The Bay Brewed is THIS Saturday at Public Works (DJ Jamie Jams joins the party)

Somehow, some way, the calendar already flipped to December, which can mean only one thing. No, this has nothing to do with Santa Claus – it's something even better. The Bay Brewed – San Francisco's only indie rock beer fest – is this Saturday, December 7 at Public Works, with live performances from Mikal Cronin, Shannon and the Clams, Kelley Stoltz, Golden Void, French Cassettes, Magic Fight, and the North Beach Brass Band, accompanied by unlimited beer tastings from a group of 13 SF-based brewers put together by the San Francisco Brewers Guild and food from Doc's of the Bay [...]

Premiere: French Cassettes offer a colorful video for "Boys"

Director Dalan McNabola met SF's French Cassettes during this year's Music Video Race, and the band and director reunited for this colorful clip for "Boys," off the Cassettes' recent album Gold Youth. According to the group: We're always on board to use an excessive amount of color in anything we do so the idea for the video came together pretty quickly, based on that concept. Our friend had just gotten back from a trip to India and she had some left over Holi powder that everyone throws at each other during this annual Festival of Color. So we used that [...]

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Giveaway: Win tickets to The Bay Brewed

The Bay Brewed – San Francisco's one-and-only rock and roll beer festival – is less than two weeks away, set to take place Saturday, December 7 at Public Works. The lineup is stocked with a veritable dream lineup for fans of the local independent music scene, with Mikal Cronin and Shannon and the Clams headlining and support from Kelley Stoltz, Golden Void, French Cassettes, and Magic Fight. To complement a great day of music, the San Francisco Brewers Guild put together a group of 13 SF-based brewers to provide unlimited beer tastings, including the likes of Anchor Brewing Company, 21st [...]

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