Photos: Behind The Scenes with Frank Iero and Thrice at Concord Pavilion

  Frank Iero (photo: Estefany Gonzalez) Welp, it happened, Deftones and Rise Against joined forces for a co-headline summer tour with Frank Iero and Thrice.  In the midst of festival season, this show offered four talented bands capable of headlining their own shows. We sent Estefany Gonzalez to snap photos of  Frank Iero and The Patience at The Chapel back in May, so of course, we sent her to catch up with Iero and Thrice to give you a little behind the scenes peak of one of the coolest summer tours. Click through our slideshow to check out the photos she snapped. [...]

Review + Photos: Frank Iero and the Patience at the Chapel

Frank Iero and The Patience (photo: Estefany Gonzalez) You might remember Frank Iero from his My Chemical Romance days. Though the band broke up ages ago, most fans still spend hours on web forums begging for a reunion but trust me, Iero's new band Frank Iero And the Patience is not just OK, I promise. Well, now that I got all of the My Chem puns out of the way, let me tell you why this project had hundreds of people lined up outside of the Chapel and down Valencia Street before the show started. This energetic New Jersey bunch sound [...]

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