Listen to Frank Abreau’s (of Strange Hotel) new solo EP

Frank Abreau, the lead voice of the rockers in Strange Hotel, has a new solo EP out. Entitled RIDE, the follow-up to his full-length Appetite finds Abreau exploring some new sonic territory, especially the haunting, industrial-tinged dirge "Release Your Mind" and the grungy electro-groove of closer "Julie Says." My favorite, however, is the song "Morphine" with its scuzzy bass line, lyrics that are spit out with vehemence, violence hanging onto every syllable, and a sense of desperation coating the chorus. Though it only consists of four tracks, the musical substance will have you coming back for repeated listens. [bandcamp width=100% [...]

Frank Abreau of Strange Hotel releases debut solo album

Frank Abreau, lead singer of San Francisco rock outfit Strange Hotel, has released a solo album. Titled Appetite, it not only features the expected stratospheric vocals associated with the frontman, but also a surprising range of styles. Opener "I'm on Drugs" is a scorching rocker, bristling with the ferocious exuberance of an early 2000s Hives tune; "Sleeping Giant" is a subdued, burning meditation on religious hypocrisy; the wonderfully satiric "Medication" blasts "GMO genocides" and Pusherman doctors with a sound reminiscent of late-’90s Brit-Pop. All this plus plenty of scathing guitar solos, cracking snares and rattling bass lines. Both fans of Strange Hotel [...]

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