Noise Pop 2020: awakebutstillinbed, Mary Lattimore, Frances Quinlan close out the festival

Frances Quinlan (photo: Jon Bauer) Feeling more like a quaint backyard barnstorm gathering with your closest friends than a blowout party, the last night of Noise Pop was an endearing showcase of four female artists each equipped with truly charming, idiosyncratic music. Starting the night was Bernie and the Wolf, hailing from Chicago. As attendees began to gather to sit on the floor beneath the Edison lights illuminating the exposed rafters, Bernadette “Bernie” Conant eased the crowd into the night with her solo acoustic set. Utilizing the power of her voice to make up for the lack of her bandmate, Erik [...]

Review: Frances Quinlan made us cry and Barry Johnson was at the Chapel

On January 13, 2016, Frances Quinlan of Hop Along and Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor did something they rarely do, play solo. This will always be remembered as the night Frances Quinlan made me cry and Barry Johnson made me admit I like Joyce Manor. The crowd was a good mix of young and younger. Lots of plaid, baseball caps, and black clothes. Gladly there was less of those loud pop punk screaming fans. These fans seemed more real. They were there to listen, and actually take in the music of these musicians. When Frances Quinlan came on stage, the [...]

Barry Johnson & Frances Quinlan to play solo at The Chapel on Jan 13

Whenever you are connected to the phrase “pop-punk” it’s harder to be taken seriously. I’ve seen Joyce Manor live a couple of times, twice when they were opening for Conor Oberst’s punk band, Desaparecidos. I had almost no clue who Joyce Manor was or what to expect from them. What I caught myself in was a massive amount of enthusiastic teens throwing their bodies around the crowd and my shoulders. Teens that used “pop-punk” as a compliment, a way to describe their way of life and even their favorite pizza place. I am still not sure if I should be [...]

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