Noise Pop 2015: Check out all of our festival coverage!

Jessica Pratt at The Chapel (Photo Credit: Jon Ching)   Got any plans for the weekend? If you're like us, you're still recovering from the week that was Noise Pop 2015, and you're not quite ready to wrap your brain another show-filled weekend. Well, if you'd rather stay in this weekend, wear your pajamas around the clock (don't forget Daylight Savings Time starts Saturday night), drink some herbal tea, and go on a Netflix binge, we don't blame you. But, at the very least, you can relive some of the best moments from Noise Pop with this wrap-up of all [...]

Noise Pop 2015: Owen Pallett played solo at Orchid Tapes Showcase

Photos by John Hartsfield Owen Pallett, a multi-instrumentalist looping maestro stole the stage at the Orchid Tapes Showcase on Saturday night. Wedged between R.L. Kelly and Foxes In Fiction (fronted by Warren Hildebrand who also runs Orchid Tapes), the most thunderous applause was reserved for Pallett on-stage alone. In the newly renovated Swedish American Hall, if you looked down at the crowd from one of the balcony's thrones (yes, they preserved the thrones), you'd notice no one mindlessly scrolling or texting. Instead, each building loop from Pallett's violin and pedals made the solo act feel like many, many people were on-stage supporting. [...]

Academy Award nominee Owen Pallett headlines Great American with Avi Buffalo and Foxes in Fiction this week

I don't really know, but I'd guess that the process of getting nominated for an Academy Award isn't easy, especially when you're simultaneously working on your own album and subsequent tour. Somehow Owen Pallett managed to do all that though, nabbing a nom for his work with Arcade Fire's Will Butler on Her's original score and releasing his newest In Conflict, which dropped via Domino in the spring of this year. He's bringing his immense talent to the Great American Music Hall in just a few days, where he'll headline with Avi Buffalo and Foxes in Fiction supporting It sounds like it will be [...]

Live This Month: September 2014 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: September 2014 (Podcast #345) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you dig back-to-basics noise pop -- the kind of indie rock that's propelled by great hooks, not trends and hype -- you're in luck this month. Scottish trio PAWS just released Youth Culture Forever, and the band's tight songs are matched by a live ferocity. Another trio crafting explosive, 90s-influenced rock is Slothrust; the Brooklyn band's Of Course You Do arrived earlier this year. As [...]

Foxes in Fiction comes to the Great American Music Hall

The first Foxes in Fiction album I ever listened to was 2010’s Swung from The Branches. The songs––a mixture of field recordings and ambient noises––served as my bedroom soundtrack that summer in my tiny, windowless Sunset apartment. After obsessing over the album for months, I became increasingly curious about this mysterious Canadian experimentalist. With some research I discovered that this particular album was frontman Warren Hildebrand’s attempt to deal with the loss of his younger brother, whose age and birthday fell just a few days short of mine. The track “8/29/91” is deeply personal, with a sample of Bukowski reading a [...]

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