Mixtape: Only the East Bay (Podcast #247)

Mixtape: Only the East Bay (Podcast #247) This podcast episode is part mixtape and part mea culpa. Even though our name is The Bay Bridged, we periodically get people calling us out on our SF-centric coverage of Bay Area indie music. In recognition of all of the great music coming from the other side of the Bay, this mix features only East Bay artists--15 of them--spanning a wide variety of styles and sounds. The collection shows that, just like in SF, there's a diverse batch of talent in Oakland and beyond that's well worth checking out. Subscribe to The Bay [...]

New free EPs from Oakland’s Liquorice Ginsberg and Forest Floor

Local music blog Mapzzz has launched a twice-monthly series of free EPs with the above three-song set from Oakland's Forest Floor. Forest Floor is Geoff Saba, who blends acoustic folk and art pop with electronic beeps and layered noise. According to Mapzzz, Saba's working on an LP to be released later this year. The second release in the free EP series comes from Liquorice Ginsberg, a new project from Oakland's Elephant & Castle and Bazooka Joint. Take a listen to three synthy, stoned instrumentals from them below.

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