Hayes Life Presents: Fog City Songwriters at Viracocha

  In what will be their third quarterly show, the local folk series Fog City Songwriters will be hosted at Viracocha this Friday. You can expect a parlor in the round style showcase with some of the most talented and endearing musicians sequestered around the Bay. They tend to pull one out-of-towner into the mix, and this time around it's Wisconsin's Anna Vogelzang. Presented and led by promoter veteran Travis Hayes, it's a donation based event ($10-20 suggested) livening up the San Francisco cultural landscape, despite the impending closure of our one lesbian bar and locally-focused online publications disappearing. So again, though this request has been an incessant foghorn as of [...]

Fog City Songwriters brings unity to Bay Area musicians

All around the country, in places like Nashville and Austin, open events known as "guitar pulls," where people share songs and pass their guitar around, occur on porches, in spontaneous circles and even in venues. A communal, DIY-esque song circle where each player becomes an audience member and stories are shared around in an open, uninterrupted atmosphere. It's sometimes overlooked, in my experience, throughout the local community. Amid the pop groups with full fledged performances, the garage bands with an interactive crowd, and the other genres that fill the Bay Area, singer-songwriter communities, the type that spawned performers like Kristina [...]

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