Shredification: Floating Goat Double Up

Local outfit Floating Goat is bobbing up and down in the metal ocean, somewhere in the vicinity of its tenth anniversary. Usually a fixture of San Francisco's sweat-stained stages, their raucous jams and distinctive, steer-horned drumset have been absent lately, but with good reason - time not spent onstage has been spent in dark lairs around the Bay, crafting Spawn of Poseidon/Suburban Anxiety, an ambitious new double LP. The ten-year milestone can be a dubious distinction, especially when a long shelf-life leads to frustration or musical calcification. For Floating Goat, the opposite is true: the songs on the new album [...]

Horny Goat Weed: Floating Goat at Annie’s Social Club

The crimson warmth of Annie's was a welcome respite from the bluster of Saturday night, with high winds pushing put-upon smokers into the nooks and crannies of the facade. Bodacious women of all hues stared down from their black velvet boudoirs on the wall, and the charmingly intimate Folsom Street venue prepared for another night of rough-hewn independent metal. As oblivious karaoke enthusiasts flitted through to the back room, bands laid out their humble merch, bathed in the blue glow of Battlefield Earth on the TV, Travolta casting a dismissive eye on us man-animals below. Floating Goat - [...]

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