Urban Scandal Records birthday show at Honey Hive Gallery

Urban Scandal Records is a DIY punk label run by Stephen Beebout, and it's turning three this week. Based out of the underrated avenues of the Richmond District, the San Francisco label has signed bands such as Owl Paws, Strange Bloom, and No Hands. They're celebrating their hard-earned longevity by throwing a show at Honey Hive Gallery this Thursday. Flying in from Texas to play will be Fairbanks, who recently opened for The Spill Canvas. The rest of the line-up consists of San Francisco locals WAG, Field Medic, and Owl Paws who will be playing an acoustic set. Though the Facebook event specifies to not bring [...]

Field Medic tells off the Grim Reaper

Kevin Sullivan has had a busy year - playing shows both solo as Field Medic and as the frontman for Rin Tin Tiger, starting a label, and releasing a shitload of music in the process, fittingly caps off the year with another release on his SUNROOM RECORDZ & SALON label, his Fuck You, Grim Reaper cassette. Despite a somewhat light-hearted title, Fuck You, Grim Reaper is really a dark, personal, and of course lo-fi look at mortality and other sad things. Give it a listen below, and purchase the cassette to carry the rad cover art in your car. Sullivan [...]

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Field Medic releases Bay Area folk compilation ‘CROCODILEZ’

Field Medic has produced a compilation of Bay Area folk music and listening to it is the closest you're ever going to get to the Gaslight Cafe, that venerable staple of the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s. Featuring acts such as Owl Paws, Restaurnaut and Mr. Andrew, CROCODILEZ is full of melancholy ruminations about life and stripped down, lo-fi acoustic guitar-backed melodies.  There are songs about the inability to escape your personal problems and insecurities (Adam Balbo's "Demons"), the traumatic process of growing up and its implacable companion the fear of getting old (The Forbin Project's "Not Ready" [...]

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Field Medic premieres new single “Neon Flowerz”

Field Medic, the solo project of Rin Tin Tiger's Kevin Patrick, has a new single out, one that is just as haunting and subtlety captivating as anything on his previous release PEGASUSTHOTZ. Entitled "Neon Flowerz," further emphasizing the songwriter's infatuation with the letter 'z,' it is full of minimalist percussion, creaking vocals that crawl under your skin and a melody that won't leave your subconsciousness for days after first listening to it.  The sparse instrumentation only enhances the foreboding sense of angst and longing inherent in the song, and fans of singer-songwriters like Elliot Smith and Nick Drake will instantly recognize [...]

Video Premiere: Field Medic – “Wooden Chest”

Kevin Sullivan is the frontman for Rin Tin Tiger, but he also has a great thing going with his solo acoustic project, Field Medic. He released his debut Field Medic EP last June, a second EP on Valentine's Day, and today, we're pleased to share Field Medic's video for the solo acoustic song "Wooden Chest" with you for the first time. In the video for "Wooden Chest", Sullivan is constantly alone. Despite his solitude, Sullivan seems content, making me imagine that although he yearns for companionship from someone in his lyrics, he's going to be OK if it doesn't work [...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with tunes from local artists

It's Valentine's Day, and what better way to express your love for your significant than with music? Here are some creations from a wide variety of Bay Area artists to help you make the most romantic day of the year perfect. Is anything more romantic than an acoustic guitar serenade? Well, maybe. Still, Field Medic, the solo project of Kevin Sullivan of Rin Tin Tiger has released a damn fine Valentine's EP of acoustic love songs that you can check out here for the first time. From the opening line of "I wanna spend my days off on opiates, and [...]

Field Medic releases debut EP 'Crushed Pennies'

Kevin Sullivan, singer and guitarist for Rin Tin Tiger, released his debut EP as Field Medic late last month, and will be playing a release show Friday at the Lost Church. Sullivan created Field Medic as an outlet for songs he had written that didn't quite fit in with Rin Tin Tiger. There's quite a bit of banjo, a complete lack of drums, and a more relaxed, folksy tone on the Field Medic tracks compared to Sullivan's work with Rin Tin Tiger. Physical copies of Field Medic's EP will available at the Lost Church, and you can stream it below. [...]

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