Valentine’s Day 2020: Our favorite love and anti-love songs

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Another day to celebrate your love or perhaps another day to realize you’re single. Despite your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, we can probably all admit that there is a lot of music celebrating the glory and heartbreak of love. To commemorate, we here at the Bay Bridged collected our staff’s favorite love songs, along with their favorite anti-love songs to make sure everyone receives whatever they need this February 14th. Love Songs "Heat of the Moment" by Asia This probably isn't high on a lot of lists about love songs, or lists in general. Sadly, the [...]

Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Field Medic, the Spirit of the Beehive and more

(illustration: Cassidy Miller) Want even more giveaways? Sign up for our newsletter for access to extra contests. To enter for a chance to win tickets to any show below, email with the name of the band and the date of the show you’re entering in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. Winners will be selected at random no later than 24 hours before the listed show and notified via email. Saturday, June 1 Sego, Torrey, Intestinehead @ Cafe du Nord 7:30pm, $12, 18+. Buy advance tickets here. Saturday, June 1 Field Medic, [...]

Field Medic returns for first headlining show in SF

(photo: Stephen Beebout) How autobiographical are the songs off this album? We asked Field Medic’s Kevin Patrick. “100%,” he said. “I don’t really write fiction, I just write [my] truth...I wouldn’t say it was hard to share these stories but they were definitely cathartic to write.” Some of the most powerful poetry is that which isn’t complicated, where we’re not spending time dissecting each line but where we hear it for the first time and realize that yes, we connect to this. We’ve been there, too. That’s precisely what Field Medic has achieved with their latest album, Fade into the [...]

Field Medic releases new single, show at Swedish American Hall

Kevin Patrick, better known by his stage name Field Medic, is a sentimental folk punk artist with deep roots in the Bay Area. Patrick leans heavily on personal lyrics and his new single "henna tattoo" is no exception. This song is the first we’ve heard off his upcoming album, fade into the dawn, which is due out April 19. “henna tattoo” addresses impermanence and the fear of speaking insecurities into reality. Patrick’s greatest strength is his ability to sing honestly without making himself sound better than he is, and that strength creates a feeling of relatability that permeates all of [...]

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Is the San Francisco music scene dead? We search for clues.

Hot Flash Heat Wave at the Rickshaw Stop, January 31, 2016 I recently heard the music scene in San Francisco was dead, and being a writer for a website dedicated to covering the music scene in San Francisco, I was obviously a little concerned. To get to the bottom of this, I went out to find some comments from some members on the scene. But man, it was kind of difficult. I thought I'd start with Chuck Prophet, who at this point should be considered one of the deans of the SF scene (if it still exists). Unfortunately, [...]

Field Medic releases new single: “fuck these foolz that are making valencia street unchill”

San Francisco, for all its outward beauty and breathtaking views, is getting ugly on the inside. Field Medic capture the feeling of becoming alienated from your own neighborhood mournfully in his new single "fuck these foolz that are making valencia street unchill." Clearly, the singer-songwriter holds no patience for the "unchill" members of society. The song is practically Field Medic's "Masters of War," a blistering social critique aimed at tech titans rather than generals, delivering scathing attacks on the Silicone elite and bitter laments for the disappearing poor. And when he instigates class warfare by tipping his hat to those [...]

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Field Medic releases new LP “Light Is Gone”

As prolific as singer-songwriter Kevin Patrick is, it's surprising to realize he only recently dropped his first full-length album under side project Field Medic. Entitled Light Is Gone and featuring some previously released songs (such as the mournful slow-jam "NEON FLOWERZ"), the record is stocked with the blissfully melancholic brand of lo-fi folk he has carefully cultivated over the years. The LP is available for free through Field Medic's Bandcamp, but Patrick is never satisfied with providing just one product at a time: Accompanying the release is a music video for "xplodineyez" and, in October, physical copies of the album [...]

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Field Medic shares a new music video, and “Hella Haikus”!

I think it's safe to say Kevin Patrick of Field Medic is the hardest working man in folk business. Between his releases with Rin Tin Tiger, this solo project, countless D.I.Y. music videos and Sunroom Recordz & Salon label responsibilities, he has somehow found the time to write some poetry. Haikus to be precise - short but dense and packed with meaning. My personal favorite from the collection entitled "Hella Haikus Vol. 3": bring your fears into the world of the living & learn they are empty Can you dig it? There's many more where that came from (33 actually) [...]

Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters Download: Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters (Podcast #361) It's not entirely clear why a remarkable new wave of singer-songwriters has begun to emerge in the San Francisco Bay Area recently, but we certainly aren't complaining. Other genres may fall more in and out of vogue, but a wide array of local songwriting talents influenced by folk, rock, blues, pop, and psych are performing regularly in places like Viracocha, Doc's Lab, and The Chapel, and banding together for showcases like the Fog City Songwriters series of quarterly events. While veteran performers like Lia Rose and The Sam Chase regularly [...]

Field Medic releases new EP Me, My Gibberish, & the Moon

Field Medic has a new EP out. Titled Me, My Gibberish, & the Moon, the six-song album is full of the heartbreak and existential angst you've come to expect from Kevin Patrick and the stable of cohorts on his label Sunroom Recordz & Salon. The tracks on this release are brief and direct like a collection of Hemingway short stories, preferring raw emotion and straightforward acoustic arrangements to abstruse symbolism and intricate productions. Though a bit more polished than previous releases such as Fuck You Grim Reaper or iloveuimcrazyimsorry, the new EP still contains the despondent melodies, subtle musical [...]

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