Live This Month: May 2015 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: May 2015 (Podcast #362) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s probably not that surprising that this month’s mix includes two bands each from Portland (Other Lives, Wishyunu) and from Brooklyn (San Fermin, Ava Luna), but Memphis? Supported by stellar local label Goner Records, the Tennessee city’s garage rock scene is brimming with talent, and Nots and Ex-Cult both deliver intense, raucous rock and roll likely to make for some excellent live shows. Speaking of raucous, [...]

The Only Band That Matters: Fat White Family at Rickshaw Stop

Fat White Family London's Fat White Family are the only band that matters. Born in 2011, Fat White Babies really, the six-piece has already won the contest. They got it all. Two guitars, bass, and drums weave VU, Stones and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Keyboards bring an eeerie dark element. But Fat White Family would never be what they are without lead singer Lias Saoudi: sinewy thin with grotesque fashion and just scary enough in a beautiful way. On Monday he came out in a military vest covered in large bullets. Soon he was topless with some poorly sized sweatpants that [...]

Health crisis! UK invasion with Allo’ Darlin, Fat White Family, & more at Rickshaw Stop

Allo Darlin' - SXSW 2010 - Cute but deadly Ebola is nothing compared to the health issues going on this month at Rickshaw Stop! This Friday, October 24, it's Allo Darlin'. The ukulele-fueled pop is sweet enough to be an independent risk factor for diabetes. Fear not, the obligatory pogo dance is excellent for your blood pressure. Who better to open but our very own cure-for-what-ails-ya, The Hot Toddies! The Toddies play "sunny beach pop" just right for a cold beer (or a hot toddy). The consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to unintended pregnancy. Drink responsibly. The show also [...]

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