Before J Dilla, there was John Doe: SF gallery Family Affair hosts rare photo series of the late Detroit legend

James Dewitt Yancey, also known as Jay Dee but better known as J Dilla, left this earth over a decade ago yet his influence still rings loud in the producers of today. There's a mythology around his sampling and the ways he created emotional, moving records through loops on the drum machine, and his work set a blueprint for modern day hip-hop and soul, along with the late Nujabes. February is the month fans reflect and reminisce on the impact of these two moguls of music. But before he was J Dilla, Yancey was John Doe. Haight Street gallery Family [...]

Family Affair gallery puts Bay Area hip-hop history on display with ‘Freaks of the Industry’

Since its opening this past summer, San Francisco gallery Family Affair has decorated its walls with eclectic, and often rare, collections featuring the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Eric B. & Rakim. For its fall show, Family Affair curators announce Freaks of the Industry: Bay Area Hip-Hop Shot by B+ celebrating Brian Cross, better known as B+, as the region's photographer and documentor throughout the underground hip-hop scene's most lyrical and left field advent during the early '90s through the 2000s. Capturing artists such as Blackalicious, the Coup, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Souls of Mischief, and more, B+'s work became [...]

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Family Affair Gallery celebrates 30 years of Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘Follow the Leader’

Following its inaugural show, "Prince Pre-Fame" with famed photographer Robert Whitman, the Family Affair gallery in Lower Haight debuts its newest exhibit, "Eric B & Rakim Follow the Leader." Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Follow the Leader, the follow-up to the Long Island duo's debut album Paid in Full, Family Affair creative director and owner Freddy Anzures will display the alternative angles and outtakes taken by photographer Drew Carolan. The images are a stark representation of where hip-hop was back in 1988, right in the middle of its transition from humble beginnings to world force. Carolan and special guest Andre [...]

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