Face Tat re-cut famous German expressionist film for new video, announce West Coast tour

Perhaps San Francisco only sci-fi dark rock duo, Face Tat are back with a new video for the single "Open Up Your Arms" and a full West Coast tour. The video for the song features footage from Fritz Lang's Metropolis — the well-known 1927 German expressionist science-fiction silent film, which jives nicely with the track's haunting vocals and its prominent guitar line that alternates between a chugging metal riff and a lead guitar line that begs and pleads like a prisoner. Face Tat self-released their It's Your Funeral EP in February of this year, and are currently hard at work [...]

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Al Lover remixes Rosetta’s singing comet, joining Li Xi at Brick & Mortar in December

San Francisco producer Al Lover not only churns out psychedelic beats on the regular, but he's also apparently an aficionado of space exploration. Yep, Mr. Lover took note of the recent news that the European Space Agency's Rosetta space probe had picked up a mysterious "song" from Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko – the same comet which was the scene of the first-ever soft landing on a comet just a day later when Rosetta successfully dispatched its Philae lander – and then he remixed that "song" into a dubbed-out seven-minute adventure to the far reaches of the universe. Listen to Al Lover's "Singing [...]

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New Face Tat 7″ single b/w Al Lover remix

The music of Face Tat isn’t nearly as scary as the band’s name implies. With heady psychedelic electronic beats, hip hop veins and trace elements of the band’s retired post-rock getup Mist Giant, Face Tat is more genre bending than it is intimidating. The new single version of “Phantom Creeps” (previously released on Face Tat’s Dungeon Mistress EP) is now out as a 7” featuring a B-side techno remix by the dude Al Lover. With so much genre crossover between Face Tat and Al Lover, it’s no surprise that the collaboration unfolded into something killer. And honestly, who doesn’t want [...]

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Giveaway: Coo Coo Birds, Al Lover, Face Tat, Bubblegum Crisis at Bottom of the Hill

Four genre-bending local acts are coming together for a raucous evening of psychedelic sounds at Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night, with Convent-dwellers and old school psych revivalists the Coo Coo Birds joining forces with SF-based producer and remix-master Al Lover, purveyors of darkwave, electronic, post-rock beats Face Tat, and "anxietywave" pioneers Bubblegum Crisis (the side project of Sunbeam Rd.'s Harrison Pollock). We've got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader. To win a pair of tickets to Wednesday night's show at Bottom of the Hill featuring Coo Coo Birds, Al Lover, Face Tat, and Bubblegum Crisis, email contest@thebaybridged.com [...]

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