Ex-Boyfriends release third album, celebrate Thursday 5/6 at Cafe Du Nord

San Francisco's own cheeky Ex-Boyfriends have returned with a third full-length album, entitled Line In/Line Out. This new slice of guitar-driven power pop follows in the footsteps of 2006's Dear John and 2007's In With. Ex-Boyfriends - "Uh Oh!" The release of Line In/Line Out will be celebrated this Thursday at Cafe Du Nord (9:00 pm, $10, 21+), with The Bruises, Excuses for Skipping, and The Shondes (from Brooklyn, headlining) rounding out the bill.

Noise Pop: Saturday Preview!

Tomorrow is the last full day of Noise Pop, and it's a duesy. But before you start your night of shows, head over to the Pop N' Shop at The Verdi Club. This awesome independent design fair has become one or Noise Pop's coveted non-music events, and includes designers and artists selling clothing, jewelry, posters and more. It takes place from 12pm-4pm and is free! Saturday will also feature a couple of matinee shows, one of which is at Bottom of the Hill with The Matches, Dizzy Balloon and Ex-Boyfriends. Oakland's The Matches are guaranteed to put on a fun [...]

Local Label Profile: Absolutely Kosher Records

Cory Brown hasn't bought new jeans in three years. I am not sure if he is making a joke when he states this at the Bandwidth Music and Technology Conference, though he says it with a laugh. I don't think the founder of local label Absolutely Kosher is trying explicitly to give us intimate details of his personal life. Instead, he's giving a personal touch when describing an industry that has seen much change and is currently in a difficult state. For an industry that was once built on CDs, magazine reviews and college radio airplay, the old models have [...]

Episode 19: The FIRST Playing in Fog/Bay Bridged Podcast!

8 People + 1 Bottle of Wine + 18 Beers + Only 4 Mics = Our best podcast to date. That's right! We have started a great collaboration with Deb Zeller and Playing in Fog to create the first ever Playing in Fog/Bay Bridged Podcast (we'll call it a PiFcast for short). This PiFcast showcases the Playing in Fog Presents show featuring Ex-Boyfriends, Music for Animals, and Sholi on July 5th at Cafe Du Nord. We sat down with Deb Zeller, Jay and Ryan from Music For Animals, and Colin, Chris, and Peter from Ex-Boyfriends at the bay bridged headquarters. [...]

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