‘Evaluate What You Tolerate’: new comp collects Bay Area political punk

Evaluate What You Tolerate is the name of a new, two-part compilation raising money for the Anti-Police Violence Project, a Bay Area coalition striving to reduce state-led violence against black, brown, and poor people. <a href="http://evaluatewhatyoutolerate.bandcamp.com/album/evaluate-what-you-tolerate-volume-1">Evaluate What You Tolerate! Volume 1 by Evaluate What You Tolerate: A Bay Area comp against white supremacy, racism and hate</a> The comp is a 49-song barrage of Bay Area punk, featuring artists including Mall Walk, Otzi, Super Unison, and several dozen more. It offers a loud and fast message to the spectators, actors, and victims who have been impacted by these systems in recent [...]

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