Beyond the Bay Area: A Sacramento Mixtape (Podcast #297)

Beyond the Bay Area: A Sacramento Mixtape (Podcast #297) It's not technically part of the Bay Area -- and by "technically," of course, we mean "at all" -- but we've been known to cheat a little bit and claim a good number of Sacramento bands as adopted locals over the years. Can you really blame us? Plenty of acts from the state's capital have made an big impact on independent music, including Death Grips, Chelsea Wolfe, and Trash Talk. All three of those groups eventually migrated to Los Angeles, with Death Grips leaking their latest album during a two-month stay [...]

Interview: Sacramento's English Singles craft energetic and addictive pop

English Singles is the newest band from prolific Sacramento native Scott Miller (The Bananas, Ski Instructors, Bright Ideas, Nar). Well, not that new – “We’ve been a band since winter of 2006 which seems crazy to me! We move slowly,” he tells me. With Miller on guitar and vocals, Tristan on 12-string guitar, Tony Cale on bass, and Ed Carroll on drums, their DIY punk/Flying Nun-inspired pop sounds so comfortable and natural, it could only have been made amongst friends. “We've all known each other for a LONG time. I met Ed in junior high when he moved two houses [...]

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SF Popfest Review: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Nodzzz, Antarctica Takes It!, English Singles 5/28

Photos by: Nicole Browner Drinking beer with ice and having nothing for sale, Sacramento's English Singles opened the night and tore through a short but very satisfying set of sweet pop ditties. The lead singer cut loose on the last song to dance around a bit, a nice surprise as the other members seemed a little green. The band is young but very tight and they have quite an albums worth of catchy, infectious pop. We desperately await that release. Antartica Takes It! (Oakland) was hands down the cutest band of the night. In fact, they may be the cutest [...]

Sacramento/Davis serves punk-heavy lineup @ O:RMF 5/23

The ninth annual Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom festival put on by Davis/Sacramento community radio station KDVS 90.3 FM is proclaiming the punk rock ethic this year, mainly with headliners X (Australia) and A-Frames (Seattle). The local support includes Rank/Xerox, Moon Duo and English Singles (Sacramento). O:RMF 9 takes place this Sunday a few miles out of Davis, at Plainfield Station in Woodland -- a roadside BBQ joint with a sprawling back lawn perfect for this all-day festival (12pm, $10). Rank/Xerox - "Muscle Dogs" Moon Duo - "Strumbling 22nd St."

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