Sade Sundays: That’s How I Remember It, Season Finale (Best of 2010).

Part One: Michael Tapscott 1. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (DefJam) [wpaudio url="" text="Kanye West - 'Runaway'" dl="0"] The most controversial and real public figure almost caused a fist fight between Joshua and I at this year’s Thanksgiving. While Josh contended, correctly so, that Kanye’s public persona ruins his art, I contended, also correctly, that it heightens his palette and that the persona is in and of itself a fine work of art. We worked it out, but I was prepared to never speak to one of my best friends again for the cause. 2. Jerry Lewis [...]

Sade Sundays: Auditory Diaries from Venus – Volume 18

What conceited person hasn't thought of the inherent interest in his or hers personal "audio diary"? I know I have. As I clacked my skee balls together for luck only to roll another 10 at the Buckshot Bar in the Inner Richmond, I felt quite satisfied and enamored with my company from Josh's giggling confirmation. Audio diary this Bay Bridged! In my quiet moments before bed I know that these are not truths and that my life is a shallow and narrow existence that holds little interest for friends and almost zero for an at-large listening public. Ah, but as [...]

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