Review: Elohim at Slim’s

Elohim (photo: Emily Gadd) The first time I saw Elohim live was the same day I was moving apartments. The second I unloaded the last box, I scrambled to get to the show on time. When the show ended, I headed home feeling so full of energy that I forgot that I had spent the entire day moving. Almost exactly a year later I got to see Elohim again, this time at Slim’s. It might seem hard to believe that an artist who covers her face and uses a computer to communicate when she performs could be so captivating. But [...]

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Interview: Elohim talks touring, writing, and her forthcoming album

(photo: Chase O'Black) Elohim is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has made a name for herself through music full of intoxicating electronic beats and revealing lyrics that explore themes like anxiety and depression. On stage, the artist keeps her face covered and talks to her fans with a computerized female voice. But even with all of her secrecy, Elohim's shows are captivating. She performs alone, surrounded by keyboards and computers, and projecting visuals that are perfectly cued to her lyrics behind her. Her first singles "Xanax" and "She Talks Too Much" debuted in 2015, and Elohim hasn't slowed down [...]

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Photos: Mysterious artist/producer Elohim performs at Rickshaw Stop

Elohim (photo: Robert Alleyne) Mysterious LA artist/producer Elohim gave a fitting dark and enigmatic show at the Rickshaw Stop last Friday, March 31 2017 at the Rickshaw Stop. She only communicated with the audience through a computer using text-to-speech software, her face hidden during almost the entire show. The show stayed interesting with strong sounds and a show-stealing new anthem in the making called "Fuck Your Money" that shook the tiny venue. Her biggest tunes such as "She Talks Too Much" and "Bridge and the Wall" went down with aplomb. After the encore, she ended the show with a nice touch by handing out flowers to people in [...]

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