Listen to Elliott Ok’s new single, “Joey”

Elliott Ok's new single "Joey," released on July 22, is another example of his compositional range, lyrical prowess, and talent for awakening stunning ethereal textures. Much like his other work, "Joey" is a not just an achievement in songwriting but in crafting an environment in which an insightful story thrives and takes on a life of its own. Within an Americana architecture is an endearing theater of nostalgia and kinship played out in a night where a narrator reflects on the reticent struggles of close friend, Joey. It's endearingly intimate and melancholic: The sun's almost down / This towns one front [...]

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Elliott Ok’s first single “Snap! (The End)”

On February 5, Santa Cruz's Elliott Ok released his first single "Snap! (The End)." With an arresting vocal performance, catchy melodies, and lush production, this song's a compelling announcement of Elliot Ok's emergence as a singer-songwriter in the Bay Area Americana and indie music scene. "Snap! (The End)" certainly does not reflect the startling fact that this is his first recording — at least one shared with the public. It evinces a real sense of craft that would typically be found in a well-seasoned songwriter. Yet, having served as a multi-instrumentalist in many prominent Bay Area acts throughout the years, [...]

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