Fuck You 2012

Has there been a shittier year than 2012? I can't think of one. Fuck you 2012! What a complete waste of time. Really we should strike it from the calendar. We could call it 2011b or something. With that said, here are a few redeeming qualities from the year that should not be named: 2012 did grant me my first chance to see a show at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. Oh Big Sur, I love you. Oh Flaming Lips, thank you for bringing me back to Big Sur (and the show at Bimbo's in February was pretty [...]

Stranded in Oakland with El Vez and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy

NEWSFLASH! There is yet another great new record store in Oakland! Stranded opened just a few months ago. They have loads of luxurious vinyl (both used and new). They are also having some fucking fantastic events. This Thursday, December 13th, Stranded is putting on a very funky X-mas party at the faaabulous White Horse Bar. The ultimate hair salon, Down at Lulu's, will co-host the evening. The show features country space pyscho, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy plus DJ Russell Quan (of The Mummies, Dukes of Hamburg, etc....). Monday, December 17th, there will be an in-store performance with El Vez, the [...]

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