Dyllan Hersey shares new tracks, set to record album

My favorite Bay Area folk singer, Dyllan Hersey, is back living in the Bay after a brief period living in New Orleans, and is now ready to record her much-anticipated (by me, at least) second album. She's shared a lovely new pair of tracks on her bandcamp page, "Fawn Song" along with a cover of "Someone to Watch Over Me" to get you ready. Go find a place with a hill and sky, sit, listen, and enjoy: Fawn Song Demo by Dyllan Hersey Someone To Watch Over Me by Dyllan Hersey Hersey is currently trying to Kickstart the album, and [...]

Dyllan Hersey – “Too Quick”

Great news! After a brief stint in New Orleans, my favorite local folktress, Marin's Dyllan Hersey, is back in the Bay! She's shared a new track, "Too Quick", over two years after her debut that I could not get enough of. Like most of her debut, the track is just Dyll's guitar and her voice, only now she's starting to show off a bit of a throaty growl that I was pleasantly surprised to see when I saw her perform live. Listen for yourself below, and see her in person October 9 at 50 Mason Social House. Too Quick by [...]

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The Octopus Rolls Again! Dyllan Hersey, Kyle Craft, Julie Moon, Ghost Lore this Friday, 9/27/13

Sometimes things happen in mysterious ways. We like to believe everything is cause and effect but we know that is not always the case. Maybe you are dreaming of a friend you haven't seen in years, a friend that moved far away long ago, when suddenly there is a knock at the door... Premonition? ESP (extra sensory perception)?? Or the so-called "acausal connecting principle"??? The concept of synchronicity was first described by Carl Jung in the 1920s. His book "Synchronicity" and his introduction to the "I Ching" will be the focus of The Octopus Literary Salon's third pop-up this Friday [...]

Review: The Melodic, Song Preservation Society, Dyllan Hersey 7/10/13 @ Rickshaw Stop

I'll never forget my middle school bully, Allen. (I say that like he was the only one; there were several). One of the P.E. teachers played guitar, and on Fridays, a bunch of us more musically-curious students would tote our cheap or hand-me-down guitars to school with us and gather in his portable classroom at lunch time. I was one of them. So was Allen. For me, guitar was fun to play, but I wasn't any good at it. Allen wasted no time in reminding me. Repeatedly. Not a Friday went by that he didn't angrily shout at me for [...]

Video: Dyllan Hersey – "I Wished Freedom" (playing 2 upcoming Bay Area shows)

My favorite local folk singer Dyllan Hersey actually released her video for "I Wished Freedom" at the end of 2012, but it just found its way to my inbox this month. Filmed primarily at the Bolinas Skatepark, it's probably the most relaxing soundtrack for a skate video you've ever seen. There's also plenty of Marin sky and wilderness shots that fit Hersey's music perfectly, followed by a four-minute spoken word outro from Hersey. It's really quite lovely. Hersey recently completed a successful tour of the Pacific Northwest and will be performing at the Blackbird Cafe in Inverness on May 25. [...]

Parmesans release two-track tour footage video, playing full slate of shows around California

Bay Area folk and bluegrass band The Parmesans just released a seven-minute video featuring gobs of footage from their first tour of California. They had so much footage, in fact, that the video spans two songs from their January 2013 EP The Smell of Silence – "See for Yourself" and "Spicy Cigarette". Watch the video (which was shot and edited by Ben V. Ho) below. Apparently the tour was a success, because the band is heading down the coast and back yet again, and if you live anywhere from Marin County to the Mexican border, they're probably playing in your [...]

Dyllan Hersey – "Country Life" / "I Wished Freedom"

Here in the Bay Area, we're lucky to live among natural beauty, but it's still easy to get wrapped up in city life and forget about the wide open spaces just beyond our normal daily reach. Luckily, we have Dyllan Hersey of San Anselmo making simple, heartfelt songs that are perfect for transporting you to a slower, quieter place. It isn't easy to make a compelling album with just a single voice and guitar, but Hersey managed to do that and more on her self-titled debut. The album was mostly written three-to-four years ago while she was living in Portland [...]

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