Mixtape: San Francisco post-punk, electronic and industrial sounds

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/PostPunk_2016_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Gloomy and Intense: Local Post-Punk, Electronic, and Industrial Sounds (Podcast #381) It's not all sunshine in the Bay Area, and our music scene isn't all upbeat indie pop and garage rock. On the darker end of the spectrum, there are bands more influenced by Siouxsie and Bauhaus than by surfing and beaches. For local musicians in the related constellations of post-punk, dark wave, and industrial music, a sharp sense of mood and atmosphere adds an emotionally powerful layer to compelling songwriting. There's a feeling to each of these songs that is raw, often visceral. That's not to [...]

Best of 2015: Joel of Talkies, Cocktails, and DSTVV on shows at the White Horse

The World at White Horse I always hated the uncritical punk mantra that commands "support the scene". As if "the scene" was some monolithic, benevolent sanctuary where a progressive community of cast-off weirdos, and, oh yeah, enlightened alt-music, was nourished — as opposed to being another hierarchical, careerist social club that, yes, occasionally produced enlightened alt-music and allowed otherwise hopeless misfits to thrive. That said, going to Saturday shows in the ramshackle back room of Oakland's WhiteHorse makes the dubious task of supporting your local scene a lot more palatable. The drinks are cheap. The regulars are friendly. Shows start [...]

Album Premiere: DSTVV – ‘Target Demographic’

Ah, at long last, DSTVV is back. Fronted by Joel Cusumano, DSTVV has created smartass "industrial grungegaze" for the past three years. They even released the first (as far as I can tell) song to name-drop The Bay Bridged. (Unfortunately, another scenester name-dropped in the song didn't care for their reference, Cusumano took it off the internet on his own. Oh, well.) Today, we're pleased to share you DSTVV's latest, Target Demographic, out on cassette via Death Records. While Target Demographic features the relentless hard-hitting drum machine and grunge guitar riffs you've come to love from DSTVV, Target Demographic also [...]

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Playlist: Discover DSTVV’s roots

San Francisco's DSTVV has one of the more unique sounds in the Bay. Frontman Joel Cusumano has drawn largely from a wide ranges of seemingly unrelated artists that were popular in the '90s and '00s and added his clever, smartass droning delivery to create what he has half-jokingly dubbed "industrial grungegaze." In anticipation of DSTVV's show at the Hemlock Friday night with Teams, Snow Wite, and Blood Sister, Joel was nice enough to create a Spotify playlist highlighting some of his influences, or "DSTVV Roots" below. I asked him to go into more detail on a few of his selections. [...]

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Mixtape: 12 Original Holiday Songs from Local Artists (Podcast #323)

Mixtape and accompanying text by Russell Jelinek http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/2013_SF_Holiday_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: 12 Original Holiday Songs from Local Artists (Podcast #323) Last week, Slate lamented the lack of modern Christmas classics available, claiming Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You." While mainstream music may lack holiday classics, our local indie scene is always cranking out a wide variety of Christmas hits every year. In this mixtape, we have twelve ALL ORIGINAL holiday hits from local acts, ranging from the tender perfection of Ash Reiter's "Christmas in California" to Jingle Boyz (aka Adam Healton) laying down some, uh, irreverent rhymes on [...]

DSTVV – "Push Push"

Late last month, DSTVV released the single "Push Push", which is available on Wormhole Records' Compilation Volume One. A look into the "janglegaze" genre (always make sure to see the tags on DSTVV tracks), the track brings to mind DSTVV's Joel Cusumano's less heavy band Baby Talk (which also included Patrick Clos of Cocktails). Despite the lighter feel compared to previous DSTVV releases, "Push Push" still has plenty of loud, fuzzy guitars and Cusumano's signature smartass, dry delivery that makes it distinctively DSTVV. DSTVV will play the Night Light in Oakland Saturday night – full show details follow the track [...]

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Marine Life – "Fool of a Kind" (playing The Knockout with DSTVV)

Brand-new San Francisco indie-pop band Marine Life recently released their debut single "Fool of a Kind" as a free download from their Bandcamp page. The track is a laid-back pop arrangement with charming female vocals leading the way. Marine Life is currently working on a debut EP that they hope to release in July, and will play at The Knockout June 22 with the extremely loud DSTVV. At first glance, it seems like kind of a strange bill. Okay, so your first glance is probably accurate, but strange is good, isn't it? Go check it out and enjoy both ends [...]

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Premiere: DSTVV – "Healing Enargy Crystels"; cassette out 5/28/13 on Wormhole Records

Everyone's favorite industrial grungegaze band DSTVV is back with their second EP Underground Product, which will be released as a cassette on Wormhole Records on May 28. We're pleased to premiere a track off the new cassette, "Healing Enargy Crystels", which I think is sending some subtle surf vibes my way, thus creating a daring new "Industrial Surfgaze" genre. DSTVV frontman Joel Cusumano told me the track is written from the "point-of-view of a dude who is really into crystals" but also manages to "rock pretty hard." Indeed it does. You can stream "Crystels" below and pre-order Underground Product from [...]

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Photos: The Bay Bridged Noise Pop Happy Hour with Golden Void, Wild Moth, DSTVV @ Bender's, 3/1/13

Photos by Nicole L. Browner Thanks to everyone who came out and packed our Noise Pop happy hour show last Friday! If you were there, you know how much all three bands, Golden Void, Wild Moth, and DSTVV totally ruled. If you weren't able to make it, enjoy this photo gallery from the show. Thanks again to all of the bands, the folks at Bender's, and, of course, Noise Pop for the great afternoon. [nggallery id="230"]

Review: The Bay Bridged Happy Hour @ Benders; Damien Jurado @ The Chapel, 3/1/13 (Noise Pop 2013)

Noise Pop 2013: Damien Jurado @ The Chapel 3/1/13 - photo by Debra Zeller Friday night's Noise Pop Festival offered a chance to see a clash of styles within a couple blocks of each other, both in terms of the music played and the venues. First, I caught The Bay Bridged's Noise Pop Happy Hour at Bender's featuring Golden Void, Wild Moth, and DSTVV, and then hitched over to another Noise Pop performance from Damien Jurado down the street at The Chapel. Since the event was organized by The Bay Bridged, it doesn't feel right to gush and gush about [...]

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