Dominique Leone releases song a day for (almost) a year

San Francisco's Dominique Leone spent much of 2013 making your simple album or EP release seem passe. Leone released a song every day since January 1 on his Bandcamp page, and he plans to continue through the rest of the year for 365 singles released in a year. "When I started it, I only thought of it as my big project for 2013," Leone casually explains. "I've written so much music this year, I'm really just happy when things connect with people." He also says he's not quite sure how he'll end it, but I'm guessing it won't suck. With [...]

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Dominique Leone covers Stravinsky’s ‘Les Noces (The Wedding)’

Les Noces by Dominique Leone We wouldn't normally be writing about Stravinsky ballets, so consider our interest a testament to the creativity of local experimental pop artist Dominique Leone. Accompanied by Kanoko Nishi and Regina Schaffer on pianos, Dominique Leone has created a new recording of Igor Stravnisky's Les Noces, which Leone writes "is often considered the last great piece of Stravinsky’s 'Russian' period, before the composer dove into other idioms, such as neo-classicism and 12-tone music." The group endeavored to remain faithful to Stravnisky's original work, moving from a four-piano arrangement to only two pianos, with Leone singing all [...]

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