Sade Sundays: That’s How I Remember It, Season Finale (Best of 2010).

Part One: Michael Tapscott 1. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (DefJam) [wpaudio url="" text="Kanye West - 'Runaway'" dl="0"] The most controversial and real public figure almost caused a fist fight between Joshua and I at this year’s Thanksgiving. While Josh contended, correctly so, that Kanye’s public persona ruins his art, I contended, also correctly, that it heightens his palette and that the persona is in and of itself a fine work of art. We worked it out, but I was prepared to never speak to one of my best friends again for the cause. 2. Jerry Lewis [...]

Sade Sundays: Adrift In the Sea of Perdition XXVIII

Part One: Michael Tapscott I was a loaded pistol or at least a loaded squirt gun this past Wednesday night. I felt like I’d let you, the reader, down in recent months. Sade Sundays had been taking time off for no good reason, being sort of half way here with you when we were here at all. Suggesting random tunes and Randy Newman videos, and perhaps the worst came when I offered a two sentence review of the new CocoRosie record last month. I’m here to apologize, and if this article doesn’t seem as a grand apology full of witticism [...]

Sade Sundays: Best of 2009 (Part 2)

Well it’s over, and because it’s over I can’t let go. 2009, I am reflecting on a year that has yet to end, my first complete year in the Bay Area. In truth, 2009 probably won’t start to be cataloged by me until about 2017, which is such a futuristic thought I can hardly stand it. We’re here to talk music however, so let’s start and end with a standard top ten rundown: 1. Fever Ray – Fever Ray (Rabid) 2. Dolphins into the Future - …On Seafaring Island (Not Not Fun) 3. Oneohtrix Point Never – Rifts Trilogy - [...]

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