Watch the Music Video Race award-winning videos

The Music Video Race had its third annual screening and awards show July 20, and they've since shared the fruits of everyone's labor on the interwebs. Just like the last two years, the contest paired local filmmakers with local bands to create rad videos. It's a fun, unique event that I hope will continue for years to come. The winners are below, and you should take the time to watch all the videos on the Music Video Race's site. The Best Overall Video went to The Tropics and production company Bangers and Mash. Get up close and personal with The [...]

Doctor Popular releases ‘Destroy All Presets’ LP

Photo: Lester Barrows Technology has made it incredibly easy for anyone with a computer to sit down with no musical training and start composing songs. The only problem is that it's incredibly difficult to take a computer (or Game Boy Advance) and compose songs that actually sound good. Well, San Francisco's Doctor Popular defied the odds on his Destroy All Presets LP, which he wrote almost exclusively using nanoloop on a Game Boy Advance. Doctor Popular's vocals are a nice touch that you rarely seem to find in the 8-bit musical world, but he really created interesting instrumental compositions that [...]

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